Warning ! “Miracle Mineral Solution” is a Con and Dangerous to Health

Alert ! “Miracle Mineral Solution” is a fraudulent product by a con man (think of razor blades in apples). Do not buy this product ! It is very dangerous to health.

MORE INFORMATION: Some useful analysis here …


This has turned into some kind of internet hysteria. Even informing people that MMS is dangerous invites accusations of “attacks and cover ups”. Ever see the Ocean Eleven films ? This is all a clever confidence trick taking advantage of the fight between natural health and allopathic health in order to bring in genuine health treatments and expose pharmaceuticals as the dangerous chemicals that they really are. MMS is ironically a mirror image of the drugs that MMS supporters are often trying to expose as toxic. They have fallen for a simple con taking advantage of the anger and controversyof people due to their mistreatment by health systems that have been hijacked by the “Evidence Based Medicine” ethos that came in at the start of the the 90’s … see …

Deconstructing the evidence-based discourse in health sciences: truth, power and fascism

This only highlights the need to open up Science and discourse in general about many subjects. Many people feel trapped. Suffocated by a closeted fascistic mindset in the West and other “modern” societies that have been hijacked by false form s of Scepticism that leave the intellectual playing field open for hucksters like Jim Humble – if he is even called that, is it a real name, a pseudonom, or even some deliberate ploy by the pharma industry ?  Who take advantage by triggering hysterical reactions … basically evil at work. Ironically the teenager who discovered the scam of MMS in Britain has been invited to a conference of “critical thinkers” including the usual pseudo-skeptics and even Stephen Fry. These are the promoters of “Evidence Based Medicine” and speak a language almost devoid of commonly used associations. A shut down dialogue intended to appeal to true believers and those in the pursuit of the Reductionist dream. They never mention the massive damage done by pharmaceuticals or the many new stories of violence perpetrated by people in Bipolar and other Psych Drugs. I think there’s a lot of room for humility here in the face of what is really forms of fascism in thinking that we are all practising if we like it or not. It boggles the mind that we have still not learnt our lessons from the 40’s. Another genocide simmers in the background while we watch films about Nazis and wallow in our self assumed escape from the folly of those years. It’s happening again and again around us at this very moment. I’m afraid large portions of the human race are going to get a nasty wake up call as these cosmological energies start going up. The conditions that allowed the rise of fascistic regimes in the last century are rapidly changing.


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