Getting to Grips with Compiz

Here we can see the Group and Tabs plugin for Compiz. Three windows have been glued together into a group. Each window can be seen in the tab icons that come up when you mouse over the taskbar (yes, like tabs in Firefox). Using Super (windows key) and left/right arrow keys or selecting the tab flips the window around to show the other tabbed windows (conceptually on the back of the grouped window). This saves screen space and is a lot more efficient when switching between windows, not to mention a lot less confusing because you don’t have to readjust to another area of the screen.

I’m still getting to grips with this and other Compiz functions. Compiz is obviously MUCH more than just “eye candy” (but of course it can be used for that as well, or even just for that alone). I’ve seen a lot of misinformation about Compiz out there that comes from not really having investigated the plugins properly and their various combinations. Maybe this is because Compiz does not necessarily spell it out to you. It expects you to make the Quantum Leap beyond the crumbling “windows” conceptual paradigm that was really turned into a brand that ended up blocking innovation (for a while). Simply dragging around windows treated simply as a “windows” into an application is really extremely simplistic. Like Ted Nelson has pointed out, those are really all retarded outdated conceptualisations of paper … except “paper” on a computer screen cannot do what real paper can do !

I’m beginning to see the wisdom of Ubuntu building in Compiz to their releases. It’s another way of freeing up productivity and the way we use computers to express ourselves in work, creativity or both.


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