Arthur C Clarke 2010: The Year We Make Contact – Prophecy, Science, or Both ?

In the film 2010 the Jupiter anomaly is detected to be replicating exponentially by Hal.

This agrees with information from Vedic sources collated by Robert Cox in his valuable book, “The Pillar of Celestial Fire The Lost Science of the Ancient Seers Rediscovered” [1997]. He states that around the year 2000, subtle matter levels are predicted to increase dramatically and then go exponential

For anyone who likes seeing patterns there are an awful lot of them in the film 2010 relating to current phenomena, like the actual Jupiter flashes from comet hits and the recent disappearing and reappearing Jupiter cloud band. It would be maybe too easy to see Clarke as a prophet. This is maybe a mixture of both. What is “prophecy” anyway ? Prophecy has to be based on informed predictions if it’s any use. Look at the Maya with their thousands of years of astronomical records. That does not make their current message a “prophecy” alone. It is much closer to a Science. Science that due to it’s well defined structure tested through experiments and observation has the power to PREDICT what is going to happen … just like knowing that the engine will start when you turn the key in the ignition. There is a lot of hysterical nonsense about the tribal knowledge coming out at the moment. Maybe that comes from the assumption that WE (us moderns) are the only discoverers of Science when the METHOD of Science obviously has been open to usage through the millenia – up to thousands and even millions of years ago. Look at Vedic and Hindu Sacred Sciences that are ignored by some because they assume it as purely Religion alone. But that’s actually a minority viewpoint. Much of this alive Universe has been with this for some time now … welcome to the party ! We are much more like a strangely autistic patient emerging into the reality of life where Earth is part of a larger Galactic coral reef. The plasma lifeforms …

The Sky Critters, by Trevor James Constable – A Review -, Daniel Tarr, 2007.

Natural self-luminous formations, А.Н. AN Дмитриев. Необычные явления Алтая (аудио-лекция) Dmitriev

Susan Joy Rennison UAP – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Index Page

… are Gaian entities. Planetary ecology is part of Galactic and Solar System ecology. This could be a bit much for people bought up in the autistic mindset of the “moderns”. But small steps lead to bigger things.

Clarke was a prodigious sponge for information in Science and other sources (remember Arthur C Clarkes Strange World ?). His synthesis, like that of other great men, has the ability to be breathtakingly prophetic as we are seeing in this great year. Something extraordinary is happening as the REAL events on Jupiter are showing. As Susan Rennison shows we are surrounded by massive cosmological shifts going on of the type that the world as we know it has never seen. This is also revealing life in forms that we have not known “its life Jim, but no as we know it!” (Star Trek) as can be seen in the enormous amount of information and sightings of plasma lifeforms. It would be easy to dismiss all this be looking at individual cases. The clinical autistic mindset of the modern tends to unfairly pick (neurotically) at mistakes and examples that fall through on closer inspection – there will always be those. But that risks throwing out the baby with the bath water, and MAN this is big baby ! As Clarke acknowledges in the film based on his book and which is well enumerated by the Roy Scheider character, we would do well to pay close attention because to miss the evolution of these events would indeed be a tragedy.

WATCH 2010.

Daniel Tarr

The Sky Critters
by Trevor James Constable

– A Review –


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