The Thunderbolts monograph: dissappointing

I’m interested in plasma cosmology and an electric universe because for starters it simply seems to be more scientific. Observations match up more with experiments and established Science. But seeing the Sun as an electric discharge phenomenon also heralds the enormous shift we are going through. The awareness of an electric universe reflects the rapid establishment of energy medicine that treats health from primary causes – electromagnetic fields … electricity, and which will eventually replace a medicine based on chemicals and “ops”.

So it is with some disappointment that I’ve been reading the monograph by Bruce Talbott and Wal Thornhill, Thunderbolts of the Gods. I have always found their electric universe Science very welcome and enlightening … I wish them well with that. But their mythological interpretations appear muddy and out of focus. Their unnecessary attachment to Velikovsky seems to be part of their wider desire to attach significance to catastrophism, complete with pictures of an Earth being attacked by a close encounter with another planet. Future evidence may bear out such fantasies but for now the comparisons appear trivial in the face of a world shifting from materialist to much more holistic, electrical, plasma/aether world views.

What is much more worrying from both Velikovsky and Talbott / Thornhill is their cultural imperialism. Did Velikovsky ever consult with many of the traditions still alive today that actually understand the mythology that he cites ? I don’t think he did, did he ? The same with Talbott / Thornhill who make the same mistake that people have made with Maya mythology and legends. Industrialised Westerners culturally appropriate a world view for themselves from a culture that is still alive. It is conveniently forgotten that the Maya are still living in Mexico and Central America. Even when some are aware of that fact they still seem to go on and make their own interpretations of that culture. A very western cultural blind spot that marvels in the face of other cultures but has an in built superiority complex.

I suspect the two lobed “thunderbolt” symbol that Talbott and Thornhill quote is simply an ancient echo of the same plasma Science that we have developed today. Ancient Hindu Science for example could have come to the same conclusions and there are many hints of previous ancient discoveries of electricity. Their description of the Sumerian myth of Tiamat slaying the dark Marduk dragon is extraordinary. Exposing an ancient cyclical theme of the darkness at the end of every cosmic age being usurped by plasma/electricity/aether.

So it’s disappointing in the face of so much compelling scientific observations and evidence that the whole thunderbolts horse has to be weighed down by a lot of extra baggage. My recommendations are …

1. Dump Velikovsky. He’s like some creepy uncle who tells stories to children just to scare them.

2. If you want to bring mythology into it and then seek out the real experts … members of the culture that wrote the myths in the first place. They are still out there !

3. Concentrate on the Electric Universe alone. A subject surely worthy of clear examination and publicity without any muddying of the waters.

I highly recommend getting hold of the Thunderbolts monograph if only to see first hand what is wrong with many aspects of the scientific world view that Talbott and Thornhill advocate. This would hopefully enable more people to get to the wonderful plasma cosmology Science hidden underneath.

More …

I just remembered why this kind of mythological interpretation is so flawed. In the book Jesus and the Lost Goddess the writers show how the Christian myths are carefully written to have multiple interpretations depending on the spiritual development of the reader. To over simplify a very elegant process – a materialist will see purely material events while a more advanced adept will see rich allegory and multiple meanings. The authors provide a large reference pool of original sources written by the actual writers of the Christian mythos. Are other world mythos like this ? It seems likely that coming in and making sweeping statements about cosmological events in the sky based on myths carefully written as spiritual guides is probably extremely disingenuous to say the least.


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