Facing Reality

It’s not ignorance much of the time. Actually it’s indifference, nihilism, don’t care, don’t give a shit, would rather have them suffering and dying. Therefore working for something like MF (or many of the human rights organisations) … the focus IS on the wrong place. You can publicise the abuses until your’re blue in the face, they STILL won’t respond because it suits them to have people suffering and dying. It’s not just the pharmaceutical companies. If you reveal this then people WILL attack and attempt to destroy you because they must cover the crime in the sands of time. To face their own indifference or lack of responsibility is too much, in fact the supporting of the evil regime is part of the way they protect their “easy life” propensities to remain HAPPY all the time at any cost. This therefore exposes their “ignorance is bliss” sales pitch which they use as if to justify a non-aware state. That state is anything but non-aware. It is actually totally aware of what it is covering up in order to maintain the “status quo”. A status quo that is blamed for everything. Governments, companies. It is not them, it is PEOPLE who keep these evils going.


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