NUTZ!!! Jack Straw Raises the Ghost of Amerian Deep South 50’s Racism

(BBC NEWS: Jack Straw: Some white girls are ‘easy meat’ for abuse)

Some Pakistani men see young white women as “easy targets”. What has Straw been smoking ? Has he ever seen the white drunk males on a Saturday night going after the young white women ?!?


This is the ghost of the old classic American deep south racism come back to haunt us … HERE IN THE UK !!!

So right Straw … we all know those black men prey on the poor little ‘ol defenceless white women don’t we !? It’s a racial truism uncorroded by 50 years of Civil Rights movements.


What an idiot. Talk about incendiary. Why not instruct racists in how to make petrol bombs while your at it ?

He should be arrested for inciting racial hatred.


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