Forgotten Hope: Remembered ?

I can’t see many reviews of the Battlefield 2 modification out there, so here’s my shot at one.

(screen shots on the way)

The 50cal is heavy as you try to swing it into position from it’s mounted position on the Sherman. This is important. Other games might have it spinning around like a straw. This thing is heavy ! The tank roars and is difficult to manoeuvre down the narrow streets. Outside the tank, dust gets in your eye’s and bullets almost give you concussion. Those are just the one’s that you are lucky enough to miss. Aiming becomes a case of shooting in the general direction of targets. If you get a shot then you’d better take it. No instant saves to go back to here.

I run round the corner of a street trying to support my mates. Straight into an enemy tank destroyer. “Oops ! Damn that thing is big ! Don’t mind me. Just carry on old chap !”, I  think as I back off in a hurry.

Forgotten Hope is the work of a team of developers for the commercial game Battlefield 2. The mod itself is free to download. In this case “free” gets you something that surpasses much commercially made content and something that has a character all of its own. The realism angle may not be for all tastes. But this is a video game that is made for relaxation, fun and impact.

And quality.

The entire design of Forgotten Hope is pure art. If James May liked video games he would go crazy over this game. This is pure showmanship for people’s artistic skills, if it be modelling or texture design. Somehow, by the black magic of the mod cooperation process this all comes to together into an extraordinary experience. The mod team members are spread all around the world.

Comes highly recommended.


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