It’s a Mug’s Game: Self-destructive EA and the Battlefield Franchise

(BTW I won’t explain what is going on here to the uninitiated)

your not doing anything wrong
if you see no one is playing on servers that are white
then they probably isn’t anyone playing.
there are still 3/4 of the servers running the old mod.
this is down to poor publicity from all the battlefield sites
who continue to publish everything that is going on with battlefield bad company 2 right now.

Quote from N@W Battlefield 2 Mod Forum

EA and now Activision. Big money. Profit over creativity. All the usual evils of Capitalism and nihilism. No value, no meaning. Who cares ? There is a counter force. Gamers are free spirited beasts and tend to revolt en masse when it suits them. Modders follow their own obsession in the background often in communities that no one knows anything about. The BIG MONEY commercial world is not interested in them because they can’t make a quick buck out of them. The smaller game companies, or those that still have a soul, love them because they advertise their game with their modding creations. They make communities of enthusiasts and the game creators simply love seeing what has been done with their game if they are still in contact with the entire POINT of creating a video game.

You see this has happened elsewhere. For some reason a whole lot of people got it into their heads that the only thing that is important is those little ‘ol credits pouring into bank accounts. They are stupid even up to the point of losing contact with reality. Credits were only ever created to make liquid assets. To make it easier to transfer cost around the world. Sadly even that utilitarian goal has broken down with transports if good commonly going on roundabout routes that duplicate transfer of product and wastes fuel where a simple transfer of credits (the entire POINT of having them) would have sufficed.

This is loss of meaning. The commercial world is there to provide products and services to humans, people. If the service is good, or the product is good then you can make a buck. You are rewarded. However this setup comes with a certain amount of responsiblility. It’s all very well talking about Democracy and Free Markets, but they are there for a reason. Life. Love of life. Bringing children up. Maintaining the world. It may seem like an obvious point, but many people have lost touch with that simple truth.

Same with video games. They are supposed to entertain. That entertainment keys into an entire cultural paradigm that acts as a safety valve for many people. An escape and a way of releasing tension and making new friends. This is where EA and Activision are in danger of shooting themselves squarely in the foot. You can get away with generating rabid interest in low quality games for a while (using the large advertising revenues of the big conglomerates like Vivendi) but eventually the bubble is going to burst. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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