Killer NHS – Information Warfare; “Virtual” Warfare with Real Casualties ?

139. “Leader: admitting medical errors is the first step | From the Guardian | The Guardian,” March 5, 2001,

140. Charles Vincent, Graham Neale, and Maria Woloshynowych, “Adverse events in British hospitals: preliminary retrospective record review,” BMJ 322, no. 7285 (March 3, 2001): 517 -519.

(Quoted from Inevitable Incompetence: Soaring Medical Costs, Dangerous Medical Care, By Saul William Seidman).

As the author of this book says “We don’t need enemies trying to kill us in Iran or Iraq, we have them at home.”.

The authors continues …

Dr. Leape reports at least 180000 die yearly as a result of medical error.5
Deaths in Iraq of American service men and women exceed 3000 over the past …

(Page 22, not in Google version)

This is the 2012 effect. All rights reversed. Foreign wars become wars at home. Health systems become wars using chemical and biological weapons killing our loved ones. It’s not a pleasant truth to face but the very fact that we can see it is suddenly a huge advantage. If you know you’re a soldier and that you can fight back then that is at least a start. But if you’ve been born into a Matrix where “care” is hate and “love” is violence then its just going to seem like your private little nightmare, rather than the huge sweep of a battlefield with roving fronts that this really is.

This is a war of real deaths and real body bags (usually covered up as “acts of God” or “human error”, or “imperfection”) but it is primarily a war of perception. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is King, and here the same is also true. Clear vision counts for everything in a world of acute denial and Matrix’s running inside people’s minds.


But these systems don’t make up all of the world. I predict people will become envious of the so called “Third World” and that their time is coming. We will, embarrassingly, have to ask for help from them. They will, on the most part, offer it willingly and with kindness.

By Saul William Seidman

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