Libyan People – I am not Silent

I heard a report on Al Jazeera from someone inside Lyba. If a genuine source, he was saying “why is the world staying silent?”. There are reports of air attacks and shelling of civilians. Apparently two fighter jet pilots have defected to Malta, no doubt due to being given orders to fire on civilians. If true these actions by the corrupt one’s in Libya are very serious atrocities against civilians not seen since Tianamen Square or actions by the Israeli military. However I don’t remember airstrikes or shelling being used in either of these incidents. It looks like we could be seeing the most serious killing of civilians , possibly ever in this kind of context.

I would say to the Libyan people this. First, there’s nothing I can say in the face of loved one’s and family being killed in this way. May God be with you. Remember that the world has not forgotten you and is watching. If there’s any lack of response then its due to (for the moment) shock at the things that have been done. A thing that has proved to be much more nasty than many people thought. This is part of a wider process going on, on Planet Earth. There are other less obvious changes going on. For example British people are not bombed by jets or shelled, but they are poisoned by another corrupt regime that uses chemical weapons against people. These are very perverse acts that have even deceived many into thinking that the use of these toxic health treatments are “health treatments”. But not everyone believes this. Many know the truth. I myself have dealt with and still am dealing with the toxic drugging of loved one’s and friends, including myself. I don’t feel any shame in making this comparison. No words here can do justice to those who have lost their lives or have been injured. All I can say is hold your nerve. Don’t return violence to violence as that is just pouring petrol on the fire. There is something greater going on here that will sweep away the robotic in-humanness that has done these awful actions.

The world is going to be shocked in the next few years as much of what has been going on comes to the surface. This may be most true in the West where many assume or have been hypnotised into thinking that they live in a “free society”. This is really a society that failed to fend off the forces of Capitalism and Consumerism. The Pharmaceutical companies have been allowed to sell their disgusting products wholesale with no checks and no prosecutions when people have been injured or lost their lives.

The world wants to move on. Remember that it is the criminals that have carried out these awful actions. They, as always, will try and blame those actions on “irresponsible” protest movements. Don’t listen. It is the corrupt one’s who threw out responsibility decades ago.

As always these issue lie in the hands of the people of the countries concerned. Hopefully the international community can do what they can to help within that context. There is no “movement sweeping across the planet”, only each group of people in each country who act from their own centre in what ever way they see fit as a result of having their lives disrupted.


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