Britain: Socialist Nightmare

“… this little socialist nightmare you have going on over here.”

Bill Hicks, interview on Scottish Radio, 1990.

I have a council house. I’m grateful to have any kind of house. But I was shoved in here by circumstances out of my control. I had no choice in the matter. I recently had problems with some contractors hired by the council. If I had my own property then I would have chosen contractors that I would have been comfortable with and that I know that I can trust.

I’m on Disability Living Allowance. Again, I am grateful not to be starving on the street. I would have problems working, at least for the moment. But is this a “welfare state” that so many assume is the “envy of the world” ? From the NHS to bureaucratic government systems, much of it appears to be unquestioned and unchallenged. Now the tories are trying to privatise much of it. Another absurd spin of the political roundabout in a world where the NHS has long been the playground of the pharmaceutical companies. When are we going to wake up ?

I have a theory. The world below is completely awake, but afraid to speak up. The world below has seen dissenters and the well meaning weeded out. Tortured and killed under the name of “care”. We live in socialist nightmare of gigantic proportions. Could the people of the former Soviet Union see what they were living in ? Even today there are still people there who get nostalgic about the days of Stalin, as if one of the biggest tyranical dictators the world has ever seen had anything to offer them. This is the Reichian psychology at work … the Fuhrer principle. The obsession with a ruling Father figure. But where is this in Britain ? I don’t see an overarching figure like the one that we can identify in Libya or that once ruled Egypt. The Queen ? Give me a break. So what is it that buries so many people in what Bill Hicks so succinctly identified … that which is quite obvious for all to see really ?

I wonder if it’s generational. I was born into an extremely controlling and aggressive system. A system that for the most part has been put there by decades of advertising and commercialism run amok . Top dollar. Money above all, above everything. It so often those who have better values than that system that get carefully weeded out. I was drugged when I was six with a chemical laughingly called a “health treatment” that kept me down for decades after wards. When I complained about this I was cynically drugged again. I am not the only one either.

This is where the West has to be careful. This careless, reckless assumption that we are “free” and the rest of the world is somehow catching up. The world below knows this is not true and bides it’s time. But many have been whisked along in a breathless political correctness that leads lions on into the unethical, and the insane. Lions led by donkeys. Donkeys that promote Facebook and Twitter as thje highest, most free, values of a West … while a Drug/Oil cartel laughs all the way to the bank, hardly believing its luck that millions fall for a few simple tricks. It’s taking candy from a baby. But they are the fools. The one’s who keep themselves ignorant or are complicit in evil acts.

I say this. The truth is just around the corner. When it hits you remember the one’s who have had their lives ruined and even those who have lost their lives. Don’t be afraid to ask the one’s still alive what is really going on. They will just be relieved that another has woken up.


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