Western Hypocrisy = Massive Distortion of Reality

By the West here I refer to a commercialistic/capitalistic mindset that treats human beings as things. Malignant Narcissism is a particular kind if abusive psychology as identified by Vaknin and others.

Much of the hypocrisy of the government/corporation unholy alliance relies on making their corrupt business dealings appear to be “Scientific”. This inevitably tries to drag genuine Science into some thing that is far from Scientific.

Pathological Science (Malignant Narcissists) = Massive sensory distortion.

This is like seeing the Hubble Space Telescope “Deep” Field as “on the edge of the Universe” when it is relatively CLOSE BY as shown by the errors exposed in Red Shift measurements over the years that have not yet been accepted into the sometimes very closed field of Astronomical Cosmology. This is a very good example of extreme psychology and Malignant Narcisist behaviour WARPING a persons view of reality … NOT IN A ANALOGOUS WAY BUT ACTUALLY MEASUREABLE I SUSPECT through measurement of bodily electrical and magnetic emissions (Gauss). I have observed this psychology at work after studying the work of the “Electric Universe” Scientists who have to face this same pathological Science that works in close collusion with a mental house psychology set up by years of corporate/government funding that treats humans as things.

This equals people walking around in a massively distorted state due to erroneous popular Science reporting. But some people don’t ignore what true observation and deduction (real Science) is telling them as they grow up. This can then create massive stress as the try and juggle what they KNOW their senses are telling them with what they are being told is “reality” by the people around who have been subjected to the results of pathological Science.

What does this create ? Often what is perceived as a kind of madness in some people who are put in an impossible position as they are asked to ignore what their senses and logic are telling them. Is the results “psychosis” really a “kundalini rising” as the New Age community would want us to believe ? Or is it really something much more serious ? The personal crisis caused by a “Scientific Elite” that is anything but. Which is in fact not made up of Scientists at all but Malignant Narcissists who are attracted to a profession where they can seek their narcissistic supply ? If threats to their position are detected then Psychiatry is called in – the Mafia hit men of the “Scientific establishment”. Of course someone in an emotional crisis caused by conflicts between what they have been taught and reality would be the perfect indicator of someone seeing the “Scientific Elite” for what they are – Malignant Narcissists … not in it for the Science but for the worship they get for the “great Science” they are doing. The clue is that they don’t welcome critiscism or dissent as a real Scientist would do. Because that might mean they would lose their NARCISSITIC SUPPLY which their entire life is based upon getting hold of. A real Scientist would play as good Sportsman just as an Olympic Athlete congratules the winner if they lose the race. With their life invested in Sportsmanship they pursue their career which is based on winning AND losing … not hogging some perceived position which would obviously be laughed at as childish behaviour within the Sports community – “a bad loser”. However in the pathological Science community, behaviour is riddled with childish psychology belaying the fact that we are in reality dealing with a pathological psychology – the Malignant Narcissist and other psycholgical traits.

What does this mean for society ? Many people’s perception of the world has become hugely distorted … much like getting Hubble picture distances wrong by light years. We are almost literally light years out from the mark in actually perceiving what is going on in the West. A mental house atmosphere (thank you to Jose Arguelles for that phrase) still prevails. However the Universe is rapidly closing in as it always does in the end, due to the increasing space weather levels and the cosmological shift (Maya) going on at the moment (from ~1990 to ~2050). Hold on to your pantyhose.

Addenum: To add to the general theme of this post I thought I’d add the following piece.

What is portrayed in the Matrix is real (no I don’t think we live in a computer simulation by the way, its an allegory). For example I witnessed a battle of mine against programming trying to stop me simply setting up a desktop indexing service … it took me over 36 hours to simply gain access to my own files in this way ! This is no coincidence. The programming techniques (now mitigated by incoming new energies) have been developed over decades, if not hundreds of years (some going back to the Spanish Inquisition, various Alchemists and the Romans) and were then taken up by the Science under the yoke of corrupt big business for their advertising and marketing industries. At first sight a problem big enough to throw up anyone’s hands in the air ! But there are now new cosmological energies coming in – as confirmed by Rennision – of the type that deeply effects consciousness – electromagnetic and which CLEARS programming. A kind of biological EMP which resets memory banks and CPU machine code (but in biological terms).


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