System Change: Libya Reveals What is Wrong with “Human Rights” and How That Explains Why Organisations like “MindFreedom” are Paralysed


Argentina’s Cristina Kirchner visited Libya in 2008 on a two-day state visit, accompanied by a delegation of dozens of Argentina’s business leaders. According to Libyan state media at the time, at the end of her trip Argentina and Libya signed agreements on investment, agriculture and education worth millions of dollars.

Response now: Like Morales, Kirchner too has remained mostly silent. The strongest statement from Argentina came from the foreign ministry which called on the U.N. Human Rights Council to take urgent action to look into possible abuses in Libya, with no apparent irony that Libya actually once chaired the Human Rights Council. There was no mention of Argentina calling for action from the U.N. Security Council, a much more powerful and authoritative body.

Quoted from Latin America’s sudden silence on Gaddafi.

“MindFreedom” boasts that it is “accredited with the U.N.”. A U.N. that once had Libya (Gadaffi) as its Human Rights chair ? I’m not picking on the U.N. or even MindFreedom. Just showing how far infiltration of systems meant to protect people has (had?) gone. From government/corporate alliances, to pharmaceutical companies that never have to face the consequences of their actions. Leaders have called for Gadaffi to “face the consequences of his actions”. Where are the consequences of allowing pharmaceutical companies to drug and maim with impunity ? No prosecutions, only payouts from money already set aside for compensation. Money no doubt negotiated from the insurance companies. Cynical, and completely bereft of real concern for peoples lives. We should be careful when we look at Egypt or Libya and regard that as “just another eastern revolution”. Consequences. People will eventually route around the United Nations or “mental health protest organisations” to get what they deserve – simple respect as human beings.

People in the West need to wake up. We’ve been lulled into a false sense of security. Assured as we have been that the “Human Rights organisations” or the U.N. are looking after our security. This is why the story from the world below in Mexico and Guatemala is almost unheard of in the UK. This is why BBC News are now reporting Saif’s (Gaddafis son) remarks wholesale as if BBC News is his own private mouthpiece. The media are simply a company now who make sure their customers are kept away from the truth. Narco news reports on much of the same situation in Latin America too with the USA … another populace largely (but who knows?) believing what it is told.

At least something appears to be becoming unglued. But societies who have been led away from reality and made to feel they can’t face reality are very good at covering up, so I doubt its over yet.

Just don’t be surprised if you’re a little shocked by what you see sometimes through the cracks, and remember that there are millions out there who are already living with that as a reality and have been for decades.

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