Libya: The U.N. and the International Criminal Court

I have some criticisms of the U.N. but this seems to be working. A lot of people must have worked very hard to set this up over the years. A true tribute to those who fought WW2 and could see the need to put in systems to mitigate and bring to an end one day man’s destructive tendencies.

I’d like to see Chavez hand over Gadaffi to the International Criminal Court. It seems likely he is in Venezuela (hence the umbrella in that broadcast denying he was in Venezuela) and I don’t think Chavez is going to keep dragging down the name of the Venezuelan people just so he can keep a friendship with a wanted war criminal.

I think we are seeing a crucial, fundamental shift here towards a world akin to the one envisioned in Star Trek. I don’t mean Starships and transporter beams. I’m talking about the VISION of a world that Roddenbury created that has left behind its destructive tendencies in order to birth its self into a vaster cosmic destiny, and as a gift to its children who deserve so much. We can see this embodied in the almost completed International Space Station. As an astronomer stated on NASA TV we are seeing now the Science and discoveries put together that will soon create real Starships that will one day put Earth in contact with other inhabited planets and life forms. This is real now and has popped up on the horizon of reality for any child of our times to marvel at. I think the responsible citizens of our world in the U.N. and other places have caught on to this new reality. They see what they do now insuring that this world comes into existence.


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