Western Society Reality Game

I was comparing Al Giordanos latest piece with the one by Palden Jenkins. Al’s is incisive, funny, with the times and entirely modern. Paldens is mired in 60’s mind set and a lack of desire to face new truths in the world. This shift is throwing into stark contrast, like those two pieces, much of the fake institutionalised social interaction that has totally over taken much of Western discourse and interaction between people. As Levine notes and is glaringly obvious to anyone with half a brain cell, the so called “free” members of  western society have become totally institutionalised. The jokes on you guys. You ignore “institutionalised” mental health patients, but it is YOU who have become VASTLY more institutionalised than any drugged up, and brain damaged by the drugs “mental health patient”. However controlled by behaviour modifying drugs those people KNOW somewhere in there how much they have been fucked around. They are still capable of expressing simple human emotions, even if those emotions are covered up by a smoke screen of drugs. So many in the west have been turned totally into machines who act out the simulacrum of freedom to the tune of international corporations and advertising industries. They have become the whores of a sick corrupt system that will twist around any human decency and goodness to suit its own ends. Yes, the global corporations are evil, but it takes two to tango. Their are two sides to this equation. It took a lot of people WILLING to be led like children into the nightmare of a Matrix. A lurid Western construction of mall based fake happiness and parroting of “we’re free! free!”. Which is really a phantasmagoric nightmare of twisted humanity and emotions that any dystopian Science Fiction writer would be proud of as a fictional vision. But this is real.  “Happy” citizens turned into product buying monkeys that trample uncaring over other people’s unhappiness, suicides and attempts to fight back. The current revolutions and revolts are meaningless to them because they are completely hypnotised by their own bullshit. THEY have become the evil empire because it is they who never whisper a single complaint about the selling out of our children and genuine society. That empire exists in our pubs and community centres, in our town centres and our parks. This glib manufacture of “normality” that sits smug in its own division from the rest of the world and reality. Dissenters are viscously ruled out, exorcised from that fuzzy, silly social order. Casually exploited and annihilated using the Gestapo, or NKVD of the the “mental health system”. Point this out and you can be sure that you will either get a viscous angry response, or worse a total exorcising or your social identity. I’ve seen it happen. People smile to your face, but erase you in their mind. They seem to be totally unaware of how corporate/institutional systems have crept, spider like, into THEIR mind. It is never THEM who has anything to do with the total intransigence in the West, and that is the problem.


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