Totally Poisonous Comments from Cameron Over Libya

Cheeky bastard.

Cameron …

David Cameron, British Prime Minister:

We must keep pressure on all those members of the regime, particularly those not already included in the [UN Security Council] sanctions and asset freeze – and tell them: ‘Keep up what you’re doing, and you soon will be.’

We should see this situation across the whole of Middle East and North Africa as an opportunity. It is essential to ensure this is a genuine democratic awakening.

This from a guy who tried to sell off all the publicly owned forests in the UK to the highest bidder (road making companies, supermarkets, other entities who have no interest in forests). This from a guy who is trying to rip apart every useful government service and relationship in this country. This from a guy and his cronies who have their dick up the ass of the Royal family and every corrupt corporate nightmare on the planet.  Yes the same cosy little smug club who hang around with Saudi Arabians  … the Oil / Drug cartel. The same totally evil people who ram toxic pharmaceutical munitions down people’s throats while talking about “democracy” in the same breath.

I’d say to the people of Libya and the other countries. Be careful ! The totally psychotic behaviour of Gadaffi is not isolated to him. It also exists in so called “peaceful” western countries. We have our own prisoners trapped for years in underground bunkers. They are laughingly called “mental hospitals” and they use a chemical HELL to silence people for saying anything about the coporate/institutional nightmare that runs so many people’s lifes here.

It does not look like you are stupid are uninformed. I know much about what is going on in Libya, but here people are PARALYSED. They have retreated into a self made, cosy little psychological nest where REALITY no longer exists to them. If they identify someone shouting that reality from the rooftops then they look afraid and are actually COMPLICIT in shutting that person up. I don’t think you will believe the institutional sophistry now. Too much has changed, the Universe is literally moving on. But be very careful indeed when you listen to the poisonous VENOM that comes out of the mouths of western leaders.

There is some resistance here. UK people are nothing but canny. They keep their common sense to themselves and guard it carefully. Is that what is known as the “British reserve” ? I don’t know. But that means that they aren’t being heard on Facebook and Twitter as much as they should be. So I agree with some of the comments I’ve seen from protesters. What comes out of the mouths of western leaders is NOT what the people in those countries think or are doing.


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