They us the word Democracy. I’ve even seen some people use the sacrifices that people made in WW2 to shut people up about this one. We live in a regime. The person you “democratically” voted for is simply another corporate stooge. The “health care” you lap like the latest trendy perfume is completely sold to corporate interests working through the institution of government lies and health systems cynically talking about “care”.

Denial. Denial is big at the moment. Shoot it up like the latest designer drug. Groove into the night. Building a fantasy world out of denial is much more fun than facing the real world.

Fear. Shifts can’t happen here right ? Wrong. The Sun X-Flared two days before the Libyan revolt. The Sun X-Flared on March 9th. No doubt other huge shifts in the human domain will follow. But fear drives denial. That can only go so far of course. When reality is thrown into your face like a glass of cold water, the game is up.

Disbelief. You thought it was going to go on forever right ? Shopping malls ? Supermarkets ? Corruption beyond belief. Blair and Bush torture monkeys ? Think again. You should have been listening to your New Age messengers mate. Now its too late. Crash course in parapsychology. Reality dysfunction. Disillusionment.

But cheer up. If you can get through this then there’s a whole new World Age waiting for you. Gifts for the optimistic. Punishment for the cynical. This is life mate. Life happens. History did not end in 1999. Welcome to the Revolution. Welcome to the party.


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