Terminal Cynicism: What Happened to Us in the West ?

It all seems to get blamed on “human nature”. As if all we’re capable of is clubbing each other and doing nasty things to each other. This from people who often claim to not be religious, and yet that argument is identical to the concept of Original Sin. The idea that man is born evil and must repent his sins to have any chance of entering the Kingdom of Heaven. This was invented in the middle ages to justify various tariffs taken from the poor by the Church to guarantee their entry into heaven when they died. Only the Church was deemed to have the authority to carry out this saving of souls.

Now we pay governments and institutions. Corporations and PR companies, to save ourselves from our assumed “debased” nature. That suits them perfectly to keep millions of people away from what they really are. To define them all in terms of the company or government corruption. Get upset about it and you’re told that everything bad that has happened to you is simply “human nature”. My God, I’m so fed up of hearing this ! Is this the only way you can define life and humanity ? It’s deeply, deeply cynical. It appears to be based on a central problem of simple denial. The West and wider Capitalism has made a nice little nest of manufacturing consent. A consent that is brainwashed, bamboozled into seeing “the system” as the best possible world that we can live in. Any failings, corruption, or abuses are put down to “human nature” or acts of God. There’s another clue. Acts of God ? Which God is this because he’s not the God I know.

The God I know created a Universe of wonders piled upon wonders. He created man in his own image … The Universe. This is actually born out in the Science far from being some poetic religious analogy. We have been led away from our true natures. The Ancients knew what they were. Sacred beings. Electromagnetic. Full of light. Nature. The energies of the Universe. But all I see in the West is this deep, deep cynicism about anything smacking of the optimistic. Those who uncover our true natures (like the true nature of DNA for example) are seen as niave dreamers. Even as children who have never grown up and faced the “realities” of life. What? Money ? Wars ? Your sick treatments of the ill by multinational pharmaceutical companies ? Those “realities” are a sad reflection of a lack of love for life. A lack of love for the self and humanity.

I’ve had a few instances now in some places where I’ve been rudely shouted down for even bringing up any of this. There are many unhappy people out there who truly want to live now. But many others seems to be becoming very uncomfortable. Are they realising that the nest created for them by Capitalism ain’t so rosy as they’ve been taught ? That far from the “free market” allowing the best expression of innovations and economic prosperity, the market has allowed the cruellest and most viscous. The viscous and the insane to club their way to the top (to paraphrase a passage from American Psycho). Maybe there is some hope here. Those that clobber any kind of dialogue about this seem to be unhappy with things themselves. Maybe they just need to face reality and move on. It could be as simple as that.


One thought on “Terminal Cynicism: What Happened to Us in the West ?

  1. Great post! Here’s to coming alive.

    “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman Quote

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