Confusing Times: Look for the Wise Amongst You

35 years ago I was drugged when I was six with a chemical that left me with permanent health problems. In that moment in 76 when I was sleep walking, hallucinating and generally having a huge reaction to this stuff … something snapped. In my little 6 years old mind, my subconscious or instinctual self knew that something had gone horribly, horribly wrong. Something totally evil had come into my child’s world that had nothing to do with the “health” system that had drugged me. From that moment I “knew” (I could not put it into words then) that this was the end. That the regime that I had been born into was going to fall on its fat evil ass one day. These days have come.

Probably due to this experience I was drawn to the metaphysical and New Age communities. I read Carlos Casteneda. Somewhere in Guatemala in 1994 …. in fact it was at Tikal … something clicked. On the morning of a sun rise over the Petan jungle, from atop one of the Mayan pyramids I became aware of the world I was really living in. A world that is alive in every way. The Earth, the Sun, the Sars, everything has its place in this huge cosmic organism, like a massive galactic coral reef. A huge contrast to the evil regime that wants to keep what is alive to one single place … the “isolated” individual “in your head”. Much of the evil of that oil, drug and money fuelled monster depends on up keeping that simple stupid lie.

What is happening now has been predicted and even more so, simply known about for decades, if not hundred of years. The Christian prophecies of a “second coming” having much to do with these times. But this time there is no single incarnation or avatar. No, there is an entire shift of cosmic energies …

“A tide of love …”

These predictions, often based on simple awareness of reality and a Science, a Physics, are present in other belief systems and cultures. It is typical of the evil regime to characterise that awareness as “superstition” or “poetic” because it feels threatened by what it has hypnotised itself into believing. the evil one’s have become to believe their own propaganda as true in their attempts to keep us all divided.

But united we stand. And boy ! Are we united in every way. Every sacred individual is rooted right into the Universe there at a subatomic level, electromagnetic and a million other ways. There’s no way anyone can be “separate”, even those who insist we are.

Earth Changes. 2012. The Maya. The Japan situation has inspired me to write this post because it has reminded me of something. I had a vision, if you will, many years ago that the nuclear situation would be used against a world suddenly waking up out of its slumber. It is their ace in the hole in case the worst happens … the world waking up. In my vision I saw nuclear missiles falling on cities … only to go “phut” at the last moment. And I don’t mean because they were duds. In my vision I saw a world bathed in such intense energies that the actual basic Physics of radioactive material is changed. Annulled. This is actually possible because, like all matter, radiation and radioactive material is based on frequency vibrations (hence the term “radio – active“). The energies coming in at the moment are frequencies. The frequency is going up ! The Science of Dan Winter and other Physicists not part of the evil regime having documented devices and natural techniques to annul radioactive pollution using implosion physics. This is what is happening on a wider level as we see increasing space weather.

This probably all sounds a bit unbelievable to many people .. a bit “kooky” to use and American term. The usual response by those who have been abducted by the evil regime is to constantly ask for reams of evidence. Or treat the messenger as an idiot. This is usually because they have been hypnotised into trusting authoritarian sources, rather than finding individuals who have the authority to speak (from experience). They often don’t know the difference between the two – one that has a vested interest in keeping up the appearance of being “an authority”, and the other who has authority because they speak from a place based on experience. As things continue to progress I appeal to many people to find the people around them who have the authority to speak on many subjects in these confusing times.

All is not what it seems !


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