Critic Found Dead On Midsomer Set

Oh, oh. The Midsomer set gets infiltrated.

This morning a known critic of Midsomer Murders racial policy was found floating in a mill pond in Shropshire, the current filming location for the ITV series Midsomer Murders. Filming has been stopped until further notice. John Nettles was not available for comment.

Inspector Rudge of Shropshire constabulary made a statement.

“This is a very serious case”

“With the recent criticism and disciplining of the Midsomer Director for his alleged racist comments we are investigating a number of leads”

In response to criticism of their racial policy the Director of Midsomer Murders reportedly stated that Midsomer “would not work” with the inclusion of racial characters.

Inspector Rudge: “Obviously I find Midsomer very amusing … clearly the all white cast is part of the joke, as I think the Director was trying to point out. But we can’t let this distract us from our investigation”

Meanwhile some pundits were suggesting that the critic simply tripped and fell at the edge of the pond due to confusion caused by too many political correct thoughts racing around his brain. Let’s hope this is the more mundane explanation. If not then lets hope they catch the killer !


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