How Psychaitric Abusers Get Poisons Into Your Brain

May people believe in surgery and the reductionist / capitalist health system in particular. I don’t happen to believe in that because it is inherently coercive and abusive however much your Doctor or Surgeon says they are “caring” for you (see this book). There are good reasons why you should not believe blindly what you are told by that system. However I suppose some operations can be beneficial like an operation on the Liver, or your knee, heart, or even a detached retina might benefit from some kind of operation.

But this is how the Psychiatric evil gets in. We have been sold some very, very nasty indeed “medications” on the premise that they are chemical scalpels that are sent into the brain to “fix” some assumed problem to do with chemical imbalances. For a start the chemical imbalance theory is a simple ruse. If you don’t believe me then know that raised Serotonin levels create psychosis … what do these Psychiatric drugs do … ? Yep, they raise Serotonin levels. If that doesn’t make you scared then avoid crossing the road because you are obviously incapable of seeing a clear and present danger when you see one.

This would not be so bad if there were actually some kind of choice in the matter. Some people believe some very weird things are good for them (smoking?) … but these chemical scalpels – like doing an operation on your knee … operate on your brain ! These scalpels are wielded in people often locked up against their will with the sick excuse of “caring” for them or “treating a health problem”. This is why some people appear to be incapable of facing the true horror of these actions. They have been deceived or just taken for a ride by a cosy little system, into believing that the use of these very nasty Psychiatric drugs is simply “an operation” that will make the patient “better”.

This is what we’re doing to people who deserve our kindness and love in their moment of need. We stick scalpels in their brains and tell everyone that they’re being “helped”. I don’t want to live in a world where that is done to people, and neither should you.


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