Sodom and Gomorrah: Profit Above Human Welfare and Psychiatric Abuses

Jesus was angry at the money lenders in the temple for a reason. This is one of the few moments that I know of that Jesus ever expressed anger, and I think I’m beginning to understand why. The money lenders and the commercial system that puts profit above human welfare .. “at any cost” … has been such a huge part of our lives that its hardly been recognised what a massive amount of evil that the money lenders have caused. The pure misery that they create for millions. They have had them running around attending to endless money issues. Bills. Jobs. Economies. Products. Everyone has been spun around so fast that no one has had a chance to call out out … STOP ! You are ruining these people’s lives. You are EVIL !

To cap all that the money lenders sit there carrying out the usury. USURY. The sin of making money out of nothing. Of charging the people they ass rape (sorry, but I really do find this that offensive) a load of money for the privilege of being constantly spun around by these people.

A good example is the train system here in the UK. It was created to allow common people the chance of escaping from the big cities to at least have a few moments in the clean air by the seaside. But it has been turned into a microcosm of the wider global situation. The booking system is setup to make sure that the maximum amount of confusion is caused for those least likely to be able to play their horrible system. Tickets are sold often hundreds of pounds over the going rate by a cynical system that uses all the cheap tricks to sell over the odds. Basically, financial corruption. They inflate prices simply because you book a ticket between A and B. But buy the tickets separately and you can expect to spend often hundreds of pounds less. This should never have been allowed to happen … but it was. This is the “free market” where any profit obsessed goon is allowed to spin perfectly innocent citizens into their little nightmare. All “fair game” under the worship of profit over human welfare. This is not isolated to the train system. This has been allowed to creep in globally using words like “fair” and “sustainable”. A nice little earner, all set up by the cosy relationship between government and corporations.

I feel like turning over your lending table !

This does not stop here. The Psychiatric Drugs are designed to make willing little spenders who can no longer see that they are being raped by commercial forces. After you have been given brain damage by their drugs then you can no longer navigate their nightmare system … “play the system”. You spend to the max. Just how they want it ! No savings here ! How do I know this ? Because it happened to me. I found out that I’d been paying over the odds for my phone calls and all sorts of other endless little costs that could have saved me thousands over the last four years (BTW I came off my drug slowly in 20o6). This is what its like. The money lenders want us all to be in “competition”. Fuck anyone who is too damaged by their corrupt little drugs. They are fair game as well. If it drives you to suicide then its just another “tragedy”. Woe betide anyone that calls it out for what it is. EVIL … beyond comparison. Sodom and Gomorrah.

I think it is the right and role of any Christian or life loving person to be a part of what is happening now. I firmly believe that God – The Universe – has passed his Judgement and the final judgement is here.

“Sodom and Gomorrah … it must always be, it always be, absolute destruction, absolute destruction …”

Misty in Roots

Postscript: For anyone stuck in mental health / commercial evil hell holes, / Martin Lewis provide an excellent guide … Guide to Mental Health & Debt


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