Zyprexa / Olanzapine Does Not Make People “Overweight” it Makes People DIABETIC

Hello ?! Zyprexa / Olanzapine drug makes people DIABETIC not “overweight”. How many times do I have to listen to people spouting this evil crap ? It’s almost excusable from the people on that drug, after all they have brain damage due to taking it so I think we can excuse them a little confusion (right?! hello out there?!). But people who have never taken this drug STILL spout this crap about the drug “making you overweight”.


Pay attention. Zyprexa does not make you “overweight” is creates DIABETES. I have a friend who who is overweight due to a diabetic condition (not related to Zyprexa). His body can no longer create insulin so he has to inject himself with that. I still have damage from the Zyprexa I was FORCIBLY given before 2006. I still have a sluggish insulin response. This is actually improving all the time due to the natural treatments I use. I am a little overweight BECAUSE OF THE LOW LEVEL DIABETES. I have been disfigured by the Zyprexa (how important is your body to you?). I’ve got away fairly lightly nevertheless. I could have ended up with full blown Diabetes if I had been on this horrific drug for much longer. It’s about time you people out there started talking to people like me. I’m fed up of hearing you spout the evil crap that comes straight out of totally corrupt pharmaceutical executive offices. You know who you remind me of ? The people who support the corrupt dictators currently being overthrown in the arab world, that’s who.

These abuses with Zyprexa, or other drugs may be in a different mode, but you know what it is ? TORTURE. That’s what. The squads that jump on people and FORCIBLY drug them are no different from the torture squads that used to operate in Egypt and still do in some arab countries (not for much longer I hope). It’s about time people like me stood up and say this for what it is ….


Join us all and let’s overthrow the regime in the West … the regime that drugs people against their will. Destroys families. Has people like YOU believing that “the pharma industry has the best interests of patients at heart”. ALL LIES.

Join us and let’s be part of making a better world where out children can grow up in safety. Where they have the freedom to express their profound gifts in a millions different ways. Where we can explore inner space, the Earth and one day Exoplanets outside of this solar system, IN PEACE.

For prior Zyprexa (and other similar pharma) this book will save your life, or hire a bodyguard.

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