Anti-Cuts March. Arrogant Government Minister: You Are There To Represent Us … We the People

My first response to this (if these comments are reported accurately by the BBC).

Mr Cable said the government was “listening” to the trade unions but added: “We’re not going to change the basic economic strategy.

“No government – coalition, Labour or any other – would change its fundamental economic policy simply in response to a demonstration of that kind.”

( Source )

You are patronising. You are there to represent, we the people. You should change your policies in the face of that march. One day your arrogant smugness will be your undoing, good riddance to all of you. One day people will take over who KNOW HOW TO DO THEIR JOB instead of sucking corporate dick while selling out the people of this country to the highest bidder. Ya basta. Enough is enough.

You talk about violence (both the BBC and Ministers and the TUC) as is if it is ALWAYS bad, yet you stand for a political and corporate world that DOES use violence. It might be violence in the Niger Delta by Shell Oil, or it might be chemical violence through the pharmaceutical or health industries. As well as the millions of unnecessary operations that are done every year. Your sick system suppressed all the ancient healing arts that can replace those operations so you could make your quick buck. But those traditional healing arts are coming back fast.

In Egypt I gasped like the rest of the world as tanks sat in that square seemingly about to open fire. I gasped at the images of state violence suddenly put into the hands of sane people who know that should be there to PROTECT US and not global corporations. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when Maburak stepped down because Egypt avoided civil war. In Libya it is horrific what is happening, but at least it will soon be over. I would NEVER wish that for this country, but I can understand and am humbled that the Libyan people took on the awful responsibility of armed conflict because they refused to be crushed.

In this country the government and people should be careful. It’s all very well resorting to political correct pacifism, but there is a lot of anger building. The corrupt parts of the government did not do a very good job of covering up their cosy little arrangements with the banks or corporations, and a LOT of money has changed hands in our name that is the collective wealth of a lot of people. But more importantly it is obvious that there is a callous disregard for society from some people, while they simultaneously mouth empty words about “Big Society”. People are not stupid and they don’t like to be patronised. There are consequences and this country would do well to consider what is going on in the rest of the world.

“It can never happen here”, seems to be the unspoken refrain, but the times they are a changing. People with influence over people in powerful positions should make their views known, now is the time. If they start now then the danger can be avoided. People will fight for what is their’s so why not just give it to them ? Then we all win.


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