Brave New Speak, a Wiki of the National Coalition for Independent Action (NCIA)

I just posted a definition on the NCIA’s wiki Brave New Speak.

NCIA folks have noticed that the world of community and voluntary action has been bombarded by new language that is manipulative and misleading (‘big society’ anyone?).

So we’re on a mission to rescue the words and phrases that have been sucked into corporate public relations campaigns and set them free in our own modest version of wikipedia – the Brave new speak wiki, lovingly created by Adrian Barritt from Adur Voluntary Action.

Bravo !

Here’s my entry …

Health Promotion

This word is part of a loop much like the one the arab uprising is fighting. In that uprising the Dictators use the justification that they have to be there “because they protect people from extremists”. Even the West has been using this excuse. Yet it is the Dictators that have encouraged the rise of the extremism … a kind of logical loop used to justify injustices. If the protesters in arab countries can work this out then why can’t we ? IDENTICAL logic is used in the area of “Health Promotion” from Cancer treatment to AIDS and mental health. The industry has been sold out to top dollar. A lot of vested interests spent a lot of time suppressing genuine health treatments that can cheaply treat Cancer, mental health problems and many other ailments. See …

This means this country spends millions unnecessarily on expensive treatments justified by “studies” that are often fraudulently produced by companies who resubmit studies to increasingly obscure journals until they get publication and can claim (often falsely) that they have obtained “peer review”. See this site for up to date news and much in general on this entire subject –

So “Health Promotion” should mean exactly that, but it has come to mean “Corporate Promotion” with profit being held over human welfare. See my library –

Visit Brave New Speak and add your definition !


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