An Example of the Human Rights Abuses that Psychiatric Patients are Subjected to in the United Kingdom

This has happened three times now.

Once a few years ago I went to casualty after hurting my shoulder. The nurse their refused to examine my shoulder after pulling up my records. This is improper medical treatment as he could have missed a serious injury or even been complicit in some serious health issue being missed.

I repeat. He did not examine me physically in any way.

A few months ago I went to my Doctor and complained of neurological symptoms like cramping in parts of my body. Again I was not examined in any way. No sitting on his examination bed. No checking of reflexes. No stethoscope or physical examination of any kind.

Today I went to discuss the same problem. Again I mentioned the symptoms of this serious neurological problem that I have. Again there was no examination. Nothing.

This is malpractice actually, to start with. It is also one of the many examples of human rights abuses carried out against Psychiatric patients or anyone unlucky enough to be deemed to have a “mental health problem”.

This is not the way to treat people. It is no acceptable to treat them differently like this.

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