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As we drift on the cosmic currents into what we call the 21st Century we enter a new Galactic Season. The Fifth world as defined by the Maya and other MesoAmerican cultures. We are moving from fourth (water) to fifth world (aether/plasma/electricity/space). This is not merely some misty eyed pipe dream dreamed up to amuse children before bed time. The Mayan culture spent millennia before the arrival of the Spanish perfecting their SCIENCE by careful observation of the heavens and nature around them, much like the Chinese did in the East while they perfected their Taoistic Science of the I Ching divinatory system.

I’ve been there in Mexico and Guatemala in the 90’s. I felt the forces rippling through the tree roots and moving through the very earth under my feet. Fizzling in the air like Alka-Selzer in water. I did not understand then, I could only feel.

Above images from: Secrets of Mayan science/religion By Hunbatz Men

The seven powers are the seven energy centers of the body, chakras or toroids. The seventh is in (or around) the head. These are represented by the seven snakes – Kundalini energies – in the logo/image chapter head in the Humbatz Mens book. These snakes can also be seen in the Eastern religions and Sciences.

Quetzacoatl or Kululcan – the winged serpent is (of course !, slaps hand to forehead) the winged serpent of the Caduceus.

This is how the Eastern and other traditional view of what the Maya call the Seven Powers has ended up being presented in the Western (European) tradition.

In 1994 I was at Chilam Balam – the way of the Jaguar Wizard – in a place near San Cristobal De Las Casas or somewhere in Guatemala. The details are a litttle hazy to me. But it was some kind of museum and we were given a guided tour. I think it was the house of a north American traveller who began working with the local Maya. On a wall in the house was a huge mural (painting?) of a Mayan priest manifesting a huge vision serpent. A Kundalini Rising ? Suffice to say much “clicked” at a very deep level with me in those days. I was obviously being taught profound lessons, probably due to the various geomagnetic power centers in the area of central and South America (as Humbatz Men mentiones in his book). Tikal and other sites are extremely powerful sacred centers. The sensitive is not going to walk in there and come out the same ! So it proved with me.

Why LIFEBOAT (site title) you are probably wondering ? Humbatz men continues his explanation of why he witnessed lost spirits – an army of forgotten souls (Transglobal Underground) –  in his rituals. This links up with suspicions I’ve had about what happens to people when …

A. They are subjected to extreme Reductionist Materialism.

B. Subjected to the profound Physics of various pharma drugs – especially “psychiatric” drugs  (see ).

C. Exposed to environmental toxins and radiation without the shielding provided by a healthy body, Field and immune system.

It appears that the spirit and soul can and does “go walkies” in such a position where identification with reality (the material AND the divine in a sacred unity) has been lost. It seems that so many of these “voices” that I suspect many people are hearing (if sane or not) ARE ACTUALLY THESE DISEMBODIED SPIRITS THAT HAVE GONE WALKIES FROM PEOPLE ALIVE TODAY. But they are afraid to speak up about what they hear, being in fear of ridicule. So they are, literally, disembodied souls wandering around in confusion. But the ancestor whales are calling, not to mention our human ancestors. Maybe this kind of thing has happened before and it is the job of power animals such as whales to call back those lost spirits. Calling them back to reality and themselves. Nature has her Lifeboats and she picks up as many adrift souls as she can. So on this site I will try and help the process along.


Humabtz Man goes on to, extraordinarily, detail the exact nature of Mayan Sacred Science. the Seven Powers or snakes are the seven energy centers identified in other traditions and Scientific awareness of the energy operation of the Human body.

Seven Powers (or snakes) = 7 Chakra points or energy centers in the body. One is at the bottom (coccyx) and the seventh is in (or around) the head.


African, Oceanic and Pre-Columbian Art

New York | 14 May 2010, 10:00 AM | N08638





each shaman holding slithering snakes in both hands, with wide-eyed expressions and wearing whiskered mouth masks,

segmented collars and short capes, their legs molded in relief with a trophy head beneath, and the pointed caps encircled by

serpents projecting at the side and top, the snakes with varying body designs; with spout on the back, and painted in reddish

brown, black, white and tan.”

You can see this in the piece above with the seven snakes showing and a yin/yang, sine wave, caduceus like layout.

Seven snakes is called chapat in India which Humbatz Man says is the same as the word in Mayan – the Yucatan dialect. the Aura and energy fields produced by these energies are represented as feathers … a winged serpent. Of course this is the same as the staff of Hermes – the wings at the top representing the flight of the spirit when all seven energies are balanced. Humbatz Man then provides further evidence that the Maya knew specifically about these energy centers and associated glands. And then …

“A flowering of radiation is visually represented by the serpent symbol of solar energy” p132, Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion By Hunbatz Men

Describing the plasma (?) Aura around the body and head. The same electrical discharge that you can see in a plasma ball device. “Modern” (what is “modern” in the context here?) Science is only just making the connection between electricity, plasma Science and Plasma Cosmology – the Sun is fundamentally related to life processes. The same physics is at work in our cells and bodies as in the Sun and other solar bodies. The probably over used phrase “The Electric Universe” heralds the defining of Unified Field Science pulling in Physics, Biology, Cosmology and the Sacred (Consciousness) into the much sought after “Theory of everything” or Unified Field in Physics.


Someone got there first. We are not the first to discover UNITY. We are adding our own tradition to all the world traditions that discovered the same thing. They all have different insights and discoveries and have much to teach one another but the basic fundamentals are the same.

Even this much vaunted word Kundalini has it’s Mayan counterpart as revealed by Humbatz Man (remember this character is drawing from tradition saved from destructionby the Spanish because they hid their libraries BEFORE the Spanish arrived – they knew they were coming.

Mayan k’ultanlilni or k’ulthanlilni = Kundalini ! The awakening of a power asleep at the base of the spine.

We are emerging from the profound abuses and invasions of the last 500 years to find a world barely hoped for in human kinds worst moments. But it is there ! Far from being “primitives” cultures like the Maya used their sophisticated Sciences to predict what was going to happen (as you’d expect from any well rounded Scientific hypothesis or “theory”) and hid all their most important Sacred Science information for this time. NOW. I can only make comparisons with some episode of Star Trek where an ambassador comes aboard the Enterprise to announce that their planet is going through a huge shift and awakening after a long period of darkness.


“To conclude this brief analysis of the magic seven and its importance, we will cite another Hindi word: kundalini. This word exists in Mayan in two forms: k’ultanlilni and k’ulthanlilni. This word demonstrates the fact that world culture had roots which we, the peninsular Maya of Mexico, helped establish thousands of years ago. The Hindi word Kundalini is the derivative evidence.” p133, Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion By Hunbatz Men

In a continuation of the 7 theme …

The Schumann Resonance the pulses around the planet contains 7 … *SEVEN* … resonances arranged in a caduceus power spectra freqeuncy
with the strongest being @ 7.83 Hertz. COHERENCE is a frequency immune system that keeps out interfering frequencies as can be seen in the arrangement of Schumann and BRAIN frequencies. Both represent alive system interacting with one another. Man did not leave the web of life.


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