So this is the End … and the Beginning

Christ this is difficult.

So this is the great revealing. The revelations. The Apocalypse.

I was just reading what a totally innocent inmate of Guantanamo Bay was subjected to. Fingers pressed into his eyeballs until fluid ran out. He lost the sight in one eye. Plus endless other grotesque mutilations of body and mind.

This in a country with a president who stated he would close this place in a year. It’s now been two years.

This in a country that states that it is the “freest” country in the world (BTW I think most Americans are unhappy with this situation as well).

Szshhhhhhh….tzt ! (static).

We interrupt this program with a broadcast from our Mexican friends !

“Hello Gringo ! Are you having problems my friend ? Don’t worry, we can help you through this”

“The occurrences you talk about are a part of daily life for us. We live and we fight for our friends and families. For our land and our history. We have been subjected to what you describe for over 500 years ! It started when the Conquistadors arrived … committing the horrors that you describe in the name of their “holy” God.”

“Remember this. Remember that we are with you. We are all fighting for the same thing. Peace.”

“Go in Peace Gringo. Be proud of who you are and be proud of your history ! Ya Basta !”

Szshhhhhhh….tztzzzzzshhhh ! (static).

What ? What was that ? Oh, I’m not alone ? You mean most of the rest of the world has been fighting this kind of thing all along ? You mean it did not just start with the “War on Terror” ?

“That’s right my friend (you see really I’m closer than you think). You are part of something vastly larger now. MUCH larger. This has become a Galactic fight for Peace. We are entering new territory not seen for a thousand years. I am always at your side ready to have a Mexican beer with you. We are the indigenous colours of native costumes vibrant in the light. We are the sound of the forest as ants scurry along the jungle earth. We are the voice of the Mexican market store owner who says “Are you lost Englishman!?

Well I’m flabbergasted. I’ll have to make a cup of tea. It’s difficult when you’ve been taught so many lies and myths … but now I’m laughing.

How about that beer ?

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