The Carnival of the Absurd

The United Nations seems to have discovered a new found confidence with it’s no fly zone and now action in Ivory Coast. Of course using force is a serious business and should not be taken lightly. Neither should it become habitual. But the U.N. have access to those weapons for a reason. Just like the tanks in Egypt that sat there and refused to fire on their own people … a utility is there for a purpose. Those tanks where built and paid for to protect the people in that square in Egpypt. If Egypt can see such a simple thing then why can’t we ? Weapons are not there to be a tool of some grotesque monster … I mean … why don’t we just scrap the lot and go back to spears if we can’t handle our advanced, technological weapons in a adult manner ? Welcome to the Carnival of the Absurd. Strip away the surface logic, the veneer that “explains” many events in the world today and you find a world beneath.

Water boarding. That sounds quite nice really. I think I’d like to try that. A bit like terrorist surfing, or a quick jaunt at the local beach with your prison guards. Welcome to Guantánamo ! We accompany a guard going on the morning rounds.

“First we give the inmates their Champagne breakfast and morning paper and make sure they slept ok.”

“Next it’s off to the cordon bleu restraunt where we make sure the inmates are getting the best treatment possible !”

What the FUCK do we think is going on in this place ? Some kind of teddy bears picnic or something ?

But remember this is all absurd.

I remember when I was almost being drugged to death by a psychiatric profession so totally sold to the pharmaceutical companies (profit above human welfare, no interest in human health). In my local “unit” (or  Guantánamo) people were being drugged and damaged upstairs and probably losing their lives in suicides caused by the drugs. I was downstairs in a cafe. What were they doing ? Calling the Police ? Contacting the United Nations ? Setting themselves on fire in response to the horrors going on upstairs ? No .. they were sewing.


It was actually some kind of sewing group :( … Sewing in sequins while my fellow human beings were being destroyed upstairs. Before you say this is “just they way life is”. I can see it now …

“Oh, that’s just the way people are”

“That’s the way life is”

“People don’t make sense, have you not grown up yet?”

“You’re being childish making such observations”

And a thousand other excuses.


This is only one of thousands of examples that show that there has been a SERIOUS breakdown in the way we perceive rights and abuses, especially in the West. Why is it so easy to take someone’s liberty away and lock them up ? Then drug them with “peer reviewed” drugs that give you organ and brain damage ? Then release them to the hell of their resulting health problems and say that they are “better” ? Such horrific and absurd behaviour can only take place in a wider context of BREAKDOWNS in the way we think about life and human welfare. It’s not really the horrific “mental institutions” hidden behind screen’s of trees that are the problem here. It is a wider society that has been led down the garden path – like the Pied Piper leading away all the children – into a world of slick media and marketing speak that uses clever PR. It uses over a hundred years of Scientific research into social discourse and human behaviour to construct sick little control scenarios using words like “health” and “care” to cover up the evil and sick. Demented and the insane abuses.

So many people have become roped into it now that it has become a way of life. But there is a hidden world to complement our absurdity here. What has happened is that people have been led into a place that exists to carry out bizarre energy transferences and games at the level of the human energy body. This was partly portrayed in the book the Celestine Prophecy that revealed the experiments that showed that human intention can effect plant growth. 15 years later and I now have the references to those “fictional” experiments in my references database …

These “energy transactions” at the level of the human energy body are carried out by a society and system that on the most part tends to entirely deny the existence of any of this “energy”. It denies that we are electrical beings that carry out biological actions at all sorts of different levels. Now how absurd is this ? Someone could be in front of you denying that there is any evidence for aura’s or Chakra points while simultaneously effecting you and other systems with their conscious energy ! I would guess that many people don’t know that they are doing that, but still.

We have been led to a very mysterious place. A very mysterious place indeed. Into a Carnival of the Absurd. All is not what it seems and up till now the way appeared to be obscured. But the times they are a changing. An atmosphere akin to the 60’s is developing, but this is a 60’s times one thousand (as I’ve written about before on this blog). This happening in a Universe that is going through rapid evolutionary change. Do you know that the Central American Maya were in contact with the Egyptians and other cultures ? Their word for Kundalini is the SAME as the Eastern word. There was an ancient world of SCIENCE as sophisticated as our own (if not much more so) before our “epoch”. The Maya track a PHYSICS of time keeping … not some ooga boogah mubo jumbo that people mumble around fires as the international corporations would have us believe. Working from their vast records they have stated that there is a cosmological change going on of VAST proportions involving not just this galaxy BUT OTHER GALAXIES AS WELL. This is also reflected in the Space Weather changes and changes in the Sun. Read Susan Rennision’s book “Tuning the Diamonds” for all the SCIENTIFIC references that PROVE this to be true. I’m entirely aware that I sound like an advert going on about “Scientifically proven” but this time it’s true OK ? Oh, and by they way, I’m not a global corrupt corporation … sorry. So do yourself a favour. Drop the cynicism and anger and read her book OK ? Order it from your library, borrow from a friend. Escape the Matrix of global corporation BULLSHIT that has been created for you to stew in !

I wonder what is going to happen next ? With the level of the absurd that we live in what will happen when the rising energy levels and shift edges up to what “we are not supposed to see”. There’s a clue in some of the arab uprisings … not in their physical nature necessarily, but in the way the people involved in them have developed an immunity to the usual lies and deceptions. I’ve seen Libyan people laughing at lies that a few years ago would have been passed over without comment. This matches with what Rennison documents. As energy levels rise the biological fields in healthy people tend to strengthen if you can handle the increased signal. That tends to push out disease an clarifies vision. Welcome to to The Shift.

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