Supersumption, Battlefield 2 AI, and Robot Making Psych Drugs

I don’t expect this post to make much sense to some people, unless you are “in the know” so to speak. Think of it like more of a note, or grounds for further investigation.

There appears to be one hundred to two hundred years of research at work here. If not much longer. I suspect other repressive regimes such as the Roman Empire knew how to achieve similar results.

The “machine” knows a lot about how to physiologically generate a robotic state. Not just in the way psych drugs physically alter brain and organ function, but also the way they alter mind and consciousness using their psychoactive effects (originally developed from LSD research). The context in which this takes place is also important.

This generates a meat machine, a “robot”. Basically an automaton or robotic personality based on much the same structure as the synthetic characters that have been researched at MIT or other institutions.

“Our passion is to create creatures whose behavior, form and underlying architecture not only informs our understanding of the natural intelligence displayed by animals and ultimately ourselves, but that also touches a person interacting with them on a profound personal level. We are as concerned with the elegance, simplicity and beauty of the underlying ideas as we are with the observable form and behavior. Much as an artist does not simply record what is there, but rather shows what he or she sees there, so too, we view the creatures that we create as personal statements that ideally celebrate their subject but which also challenge us to ask important questions about the nature and meaning of intelligence as well as our relationship to, and with, animals.”

Quoted from: MIT Media Lab: Synthetic Character Group.

This creates an internal actor much like an internal Gadaffi, or any other kind of dictator or repressive force. The robot immediately sweeps in to repress internal progressive forces when they start gaining the upper hand. All the mystics through the ages, Ghandi and other activists have said the same thing. That the revolution is ultimately internal. The greatest revolution is the internal one.

But the nature of, our friend here, the synthetically generated internal actor, is robotic … and that is its weakness. Just like the robots in the video game Battlefield 2, this robot follows a system of Supersumption: an AI architecture that takes sensory information from the outside world and compares it with a “scratch board” of working memory in order to achieve it’s objectives.


Diagram taken from A Layered Brain Architecture for Synthetic Creatures, The Media Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This has the result of creating a sort of nano-machine. Here “nano” might mean that in a way the effect is so minuscule and microscopic that it might be missed. More exactly the method takes a human being, a highly engineered drug, and the environment that the person exists in, and creates a system akin to what we see in the diagram above.

The method produces something akin to a loyal dog. A synthetic character actor. This is what we have here as the result of hundreds of years of Scientific research into the human organism. This is not a trivial technology and neither does its locus lie entirely at the fulcrum of the psych drug. That is only part of the method. What we have created is a form of Matrix where people are created in the image of the creator of this technology. Here we have gone beyond issues of “can a Manchurian Candidate exist”, and “is brainwashing real” into a world that neither cares nor is concerned about if “we” consider these methods to be real. They exist nevertheless.

At the simplest level many people might recognise that there is something very repressive in their own minds. I’ve felt it in the face of things where I regard myself as being “liberal”. Sometimes there is an aggressive reaction towards a progressive force … even toward one’s that I want to encourage. A reaction that I have failed to put down to upbringing or personal issues. Here is the central lie that the internal Gadaffi appears to use … that is is your fault that the repression occurs. However I think I have identified a possible mechanism for it’s existence.

A word of warning. Don’t jump to conclusions. Consciousness is one of the most mysterious phenomenons. At this level of such intimate violation and control it comes down to the individual to decide if they are really being controlled or not.

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