Corporate Mindset Meets Universe

It’s the first thing a child learns. The ability to tinker. to change things. Control them. Interoperate and manipulate. It’s also what corporate culture aligned with technology does best. from mobile phones to complicated financial systems, right up to sophisticated corporate pharmaceuticals that can literally change biology and minds into machines.

If there had not been resistance to this 20 or 30 years ago I can guarantee that we would all be walking around … as machines now. But there are more mature incarnations out there.

I can see it now. Look through the fossil record. Look through, at least the known history of Planet Earth. Bacteria, Dinosaurs … right up to … WHAT THE ?!? The present time. Is there a great big corporate logo sticker stuck over your time line of evolution at about this moment ? 10 billion years of evolution combined with corporate bullshit … quite a headache.

But it is childish. Like the pre pubescent teenager with the eye glass intensely looking at gem stones, or microelectronics. There’s a cosmic growth process at work here. And as Terrence Mckenna predicted the Omega Point is here. The roving eye of evolution. The Maya and Space Weather energy that amps up symbolic levels of growth. The micro and the macro. Growth of the individual … if you want to step up and not just remain confused or in denial. And growth of a Planet and a species.

I notice no one seems to mention Terrence Mckenna. I really wonder why this is ? Is it because some people expended a lot of energy telling us that he was speaking “nonsense”. Now they aren’t polite enough to admit that they might have been wrong, and he alarmingly correct.

The narcissistic teenager growing up ? Boy or girl meets world ? Meets Universe ? Coming of age as defined by time immemorial. Rights of passage as practiced down the ages. To help the growth and educate. To seal the moment. To say that, yes … this is the mystery. Life is not a trivial thing. Never has been, never will.

As much as corporate culture likes to see itself narcissisticly as the best mankind has to offer, it’s part of something larger than itself that it can’t beat. As much as it sees itself separated from all the rest of life, it is not. This is also what a growing child does. The unruly teenager sees their own issues as unique .. “no one understands me” until … we hope … they discover that other people are hurting out there, or aspiring to something larger.



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