How the Psychiatric Industry Pathologised Victimisation and Gave a Blank Cheque for Carrying Out Abuses to Abusers

There is a lot of evidence to show that abuse causes physiological changes to occur in the brain. These changes are also expressed in the body field, DNA and other processes as the organism is a dynamic entity.

For example see the book “Healing the heart of trauma and dissociation with EMDR and ego state therapy, by Carol Forgash, Margaret Copeley. Especially Chapter 2.

For example take the term “”reversed hemispheric asymmetry” … a state that has been measured in victims of abuse. This term also turns up in the literature describing so called “schizophrenics”.

What do the Psychiatric industry do ? Do they admit that they are picking up signs of abuse ? Do they speak to the patient to check for signs that they might be abused ? Do they inform the correct authorities ? Do they have any concern what so ever that they might be picking up profound signs of abuse ?


They turn that probable abuse automatically into a pathology … a disease. This is blaming the victim for something that was not their fault. A double tragedy and a double insult. It also writes a blank cheque for the abuser that says “abuse away!” …

“You can abuse as much as you want because the hideous results of your abuse will simply be taken to us so we can turn it into a disease … and cover up your crime.”

This is like treating the victims of murder as “sudden death syndromes” and informing their relatives that they died from a “sudden death syndrome” with symptoms of “violent trauma” and “brain injuries”.

With their simply idiotic act the Psychiatric industry expose themselves for what they are. A laundering house for every two bit child abuser and wife beater. Every work place bully and political tyrant. Every army sadist. Asylum seeker mistreater. Every petty council worker who has ever driven a vulnerable resident over the edge, or anyone else who abuses enough to actually physiologically damage someone .. especially if that abuse is targeted at children from an early age.

The evidence is damning. Instead of seeking out the root causes of why so many people are traumatised in our societies we fail those victims abysmally by turning the results of their trauma into a “disease”. It’s the salvage of rivers of misery by the Psychiatric and pharmaceutical industry that they convert into profitable Sciences … endless “therapies” and “treatments” sold for top dollar to governments and health systems. It’s a den if inequities that excuses the abuser and lets them run riot.

Further developments: I was meditating more on the implications of all this after I was reading an article on Narco News. Something about the “dilemma story” linked from that article hit a nerve. There are some very good reasons, that are beginning to be uncovered here, for why there is not more resistance in the West. I was meditating on how I may have “compartmentalised personalities” myself. but I tend to get creative and play with them. I know they are there despite all the amnesia. So they just become aspects of my own mind rather than warring nation states as they used to be in my life. “Hey, wait a moment”, I said to myself. That sounds a lot like the map of the world. The world as it was divided up by what we call the “western mentaility” over the last five hundred years. Of course, this is what that is likely to be. An imposition of the mentality that created those divisions. Man imposes on the world that which goes on in his own mind … of course.

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