Why Do Some People Take Pharma Drugs When they KNOW That They Kill ?

Seems many people are playing a sick game in the West. Sado-masochistic. Dr Tracy of the ICFDA told me a story of her neighbour who she had been informing about the deadly effects of Prozac for months. What did she eventually do ? Yep, her neighbour actually took it … ANYWAY ?!

This is the peculiar game that so many people appear to be playing that health activists and freedom activists need to be careful of. Some people berate their fellow human beings for being stupid. They rail against the evils of the world and uselessness of people … and then go off and pop a few of those killer pills. I’ve seen this now in no less than four locations. FOUR. A couple of friends in the town I still live in were both anti-establishment and angry about people’s stupidity and the way people can be easily manipulated. But then, ya know what they did ? One actually showed off his bottle of killer pills to me and took one in front of me. WTF ?

Another told me he had started taking them … AFTER I HAD SPENT FUCKING TWO YEARS TELLING HIM HOW DANGEROUS THEY FUCKING ARE !!!. I have seen the same thing recently in another couple of instances.

This really is the Darwin Awards isn’t it ? You can only do so much if you shout and scream at someone about the Sabre Tooth Tiger about to jump on them and they STILL don’t hear, even though you KNOW they can hear you ! What are you supposed to do ? Lose your own life to save them ? And probably lose yourself AND them ? Is Evolution getting rid of all the stupid people at the moment ? Stupidity is deadly, and so is cock sure belligerence … “everyone else is stupid, but I’m not !”. Those often seem to be the one’s walking off the edge of a cliff while saying this.

Is is because the dangers are hidden ? No. I don’t think it is. I met a man in a pub years ago who said his wife had been given a little bottle of those killer pills for her depression. Before she took any he checked the bottle and was horrified by what was on the label (the usual “may cause suicidal thoughts” insanity). He went to her and said “we can find another way” … There you go, what was so difficult about that ? A simply observation. A simple decision. Tragedy avoided.

Hmmm. Maybe we don’t face so much evil here now. Only a lot of people who seem to be addicted to stupidity and something much worse .. the desire to be put through tragedies and pain ?


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