Synching your Calendar and Contacts with Google on the Nokia 5800 Mobile Phone

EDIT 2013: Google have ended support for sync via Mail for Exchange, however existing users will still be able to use it. New users will have to use CardDAV. The login instructions for Mail for Exchange appear to be the same. Although I had to delete and recreate my profile on my Nokia 5800. Syncing tasks will not work and gives “system error” and all further synching is blocked. Remember to turn it off to allow the other services to sync.


This is so simply but so badly explained with little done to point the new user in the right direction.

1. Download Mail for Exchange. You want Mail for Exchange 3.0 for compatible S60 5.0 devices – MailForExchange(3.0.73)_S60_5_0.sisx  (or later release).

2. Follow the Google Sync: Setup Instructions. Just put in your Google email address and password. Confusingly the setup basically asks you for the information twice but eventually the account will set.

3. You can setup Mail for Exchange to sync your contacts, calendar and mail. If you already have a mail application installed that uses your Google Mail account then its your choice if you stay with that. I went with the Exchange email as it keeps my Google Mail groups.

The sync is two way so if you set a meeting using Google Calendar on the web then it will transfer to your mobile. If you set a meeting on your phone then it will transfer to your calendar on the web. Very nice ! It’s amazing the phone has not been setup to do this all by default as this is the entire point of having this kind of device.

That’s the end of this little guide. Enjoy your mobile.


3 thoughts on “Synching your Calendar and Contacts with Google on the Nokia 5800 Mobile Phone

  1. Hi. I’ve just followed the procedure as you’ve written it but I seem to be having problems. The only thing I’m trying to sync is the calendar.

    The calendar on the phone appears to only get the first of today’s appointments and ignores everything else. It’s set to sync the last three months.

    The version of mail for exchange I’m using is 3.00.073 (as read from the app on my phone) and the phone software is S60, 5th edition.

    Do you have any advice on what I can do?

    • Thanks for reading the blog post !

      I only wanted current/new events to sync so I never looked at the old events. You could try on http:/ for some answers. Try searching their forum.

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