“We” are not part of your “War on Terror”.

You don’t represent me with your warlike ways. Those people, Al Queada or the Taliban. They fight for a reason. There is always something that has led people into a fight like that. They are not Hitler or Fascists. They have to answer for their violent acts like anyone else. But so do YOU. YOU don’t have the right to annihilate those people in the name of “peace” and “freedom”. Don’t drag me into your ways with the pejorative use of the term “we”. I want no part of your “we”. I live in a Universe where life is sacred. Where the land is respected and people’s word means something.

Don’t tar me with your brush of contradictions. You landed on the Moon and said “we” come in peace for all mankind. But which “we” is this ? Is it the same one that led it’s moon mission with a authentic signed up and sworn NAZI ? Wernher Von Braun ? How dare you sully that fare body with the feet of people who were led by a murderer of thousands in his V2 rocket factories ! And end to your absurd obsessions with the “Apollo years” ! A start to days in space that start from the good places. Where people’s word means their word. Where people aren’t dragged into your world of “we” this and “we” that.

Your regime is falling. That much is clear. Like all malignant narcissists you are losing touch with reality. Tripping up on your own lies and contradictions. Lost in the reflection of your perfect self in that mirror of narcissus. The things you should have loved dying away in the background from broken hearts that you could have healed. But in the background a greater love is growing. A love so strong that it can see all your glaring faults, and it’s own. It is sad from what it sees. Almost heartbroken. Good people led astray from the path into cynicism and despair. But in these lurid visions there is a sign of change itself. The visions are only so lurid because something is changing. The fog is lifting and we finally find ourselves on the edge of an infinite ocean. As Eric Fromm wrote, some are afraid of freedom. It terrifies them. Now is the time for the courageous to stand up and face that freedom and take the extraordinary gift that it offers.


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