Radins’ Playing Cards and Seeing Aura’s

This has intrigued me for years. How was it that my psychic friend could see Aura’s but I could not ? The answer lies in Radins’ playing cards. In his book The Conscious Universe he describes an experiment where playing cards were flashed up in front of people as they were asked to identify the cards. This was not an ordinary deck. The black symbols had been switched to red one’s on some cards. However some experimental subjects simply could not identify what was wrong with those cards even when the card was held up for an extended period. They “knew” that the symbol should be black … even to the extent of identifying what they thought was a black symbol as “black with a red border” and even getting agitated about it. The social matrix determines what we see.

So, the Aura’s are there aren’t they ? I simply cannot see them because I’ve been told that they don’t exist, that they aren’t there. I guess I’ll see them when I’m ready. The human eye has a large dynamic range as any photographer can discover if they study HDR photography. I wonder if there is a way to photograph the human Aura energy field using something like HDR photography ? But, if so, like Radins’ cards, would everyone be able to see it in the photo ?


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