News Consciousness in the World, Time for Change

GCP/EGG Update May 3 2011

Sometimes the world seems to be quiet, with relatively few major events that fit the criteria for the GCP formal series. This past week has been very much the opposite, so much so that I have had to miss a couple of potentially useful events because they overlapped others already in the registry. We had in close succession several world-class newsmakers with great numbers paying attention.

Sai Baba, a prominent Indian guru with millions of followers, died. A few days later much of the world was rapt in attention to the wedding of William and Catherine. Then 1.5 million gathered in Rome, and millions more watched via TV the beatification of Pope John Paul II. Hours later the media were overtaken by news of the demise of Osama Bin Laden at the hands of US special forces.

Interestingly, though all of these events are of the sort we expect to produce an increase in inter-node correlation (this is our standard formal prediction), none did so persuasively.”

Global Consciousness Project


You better put out an egg out in space with the Voyagers Radin because this is going to be big.


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