Those Mired in an Oily Little Inkblot of Despair in these Times of the Omega Point Deserve Our Love

In these times of the Omega Point those mired in this little inkblot of despair, as something vast goes on around, them deserver our compassion and love. Those lost in greed and murder don’t need our hate and anger. God’s house is open to all men, women and children. Saints and Sinners. All need help as equally. From Bankers to Politicians to Capitalist Pigs sitting around their expensive swimming pools while they play the international markets. Of course it’s repulsive, disgusting. Criminals are always just a criminal. But I find it disturbing when those who should know better talk in terms of getting rid of the corrupt or the greedy. From the portentousness of the Rapture to talk of “cleansing the Earth” of the corrupt. Yes, times are moving on. These things are no longer acceptable. But that should not be an excuse for vilification or revenge. Those offered true compassion and love can change. Those who refuse, need help even more. We don’t do away with the sick, we offer help. In the drug war decriminalising drugs means helping addicts, not shunning them. If a crime has been commited then of course the price has to be paid … but to condemn those “in power”, to shun them. To hypothesise them as “Reptilians” or zombies, or dead, or “sheeple” is not right. Forgive them for they know not what they do, said Jesus on the cross. After decades of persecution of us by those same people not in the know, have we not learned yet that to return hate to hate is wrong ? Peace.


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