Revolution ? Uni-Phi !

There’s only one person controlling yourself and that is you. In Revolution it becomes painfully obvious what has been done to the self by a load of remorseless psychopaths (to borrow a phrase from Smoking Mirrors). But just as portrayed in Patrick Magoohans’ The Prisoner, that control is part of an equation. The prisoner is ultimately only controlled and trapped by his relationship to the power equation. In the final episode The Prisoner faces Number One who turns out to be … him ! There’s a wonderful scene where he faces a masked version of himself in the mirror. He peels off the mask to reveal the same face underneath. Him ! He has been Number One all along.

This is Magoohan’s point. The Revolutionary can become trapped in “fighting” postulated “powers that be”. That equation is a powerful thing and can manifest physical barriers as peculiar as the big white ball that jumps on The Prisoner whenever he escapes. There’s some suggestion of the Gnostic Eidolon or “false self”. An eidetic facsimile of the true self. True Revolution is ultimately a Spiritual process as has been told to us through the ages from the Bhagavad Gita to Ghandi.

The Gnostic, eidetic “split” is a also a suggestion of a lack of unity. True spiritual awareness and Sacred Physics irrevocably shows how Spirit and Matter are one. “You don’t want to catch this disease” as Dan Winter says, identifying the mistake of separating Spirit and Matter. That is a fatal error of abstraction which creates true schizophrenia (small s).

Uni-Phi !


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