Advertising and Marketing Men declare War on Cosmic Cloud. Official !

So this is the end of the video game. A’hem, maybe a little over dramatic of me. But today I check out a promising game by the now closed Kaos Studios to find that it has in game advertising in it. This is Homefront. This is a little like playing Space Invaders with an advert for Coca Cola between each wave. But I guess this is the society that we might have been heading for if this were business as usual. But it isn’t.

“Good morning ! Time for your morning advert ! [screen flips up in front of waking human] Today’s wake up advert is bought to you by Coca Cola ! Have a nice day !”

It’s the Truman Show. Advertising and Marketing men only just worked out that its video games where “the kids are at”. Well done guys, your’re about twenty years too late. While we were running around basically shooting renditions of you in the face with shotguns, you were still drooling over your clever little TV adverts. Time to abandon ship now the advertising and marketing men have got their hands on video games. I always thought it was the last place that there could be some kind of social commentary about the corporate car crash that is the arse end of the 20th century. Don’t worry we’ll find somewhere else to do our social commentary.

Another area that has been sterilised by too many years of advertising and marketing mentality is abuse survival. This is just almost the ultimate taboo (or is that men kissing in public). Actually displaying the trauma induced by all that abuse in public is really scary if not just plain dangerous. You know guys, its rather pathetic. You seem like you’re all in a washing powder advert or something. How long is it going to be before many people admit just how far advertising and marketing has infiltrated our lives ? We could laugh over Bill Hicks jokes about it in the nineties and then go back to doing what he condemned. Now, something else is in the air. The advertising and marketing model could exist in a vacuum, and thrive. But now the cosmic bubble is bursting. As Rennison covers, we are moving into a highly charged part of the galaxy. Shit loads of energy is flowing into our matrix of consciousness and there’s not a damn thing this fucking system can do about it. What are you going to do guys ? Declare war on a cloud ?

Another aspect to all this. The advertising and marketing culture has numbed our senses almost to the point of total blindness. There is such a thing as psychological blindness. You only have to look at a study that Radin cites in his book The Conscious Universe that showed that people often see what they “know” is there. A pack of cards had it’s black and white symbols reversed. Only a minority of the experimental group actually noticed this and only after exhibiting extreme distress that “something was not right” (cognitive dissonance). A report on Rennison’s site …

Humans May Have ‘Magnetic’ Sixth Sense
Live Science, 21st June 2011
Humans may have a sixth sense after all, suggests a new study finding that a protein in the human retina, when placed into fruit flies, has the ability to detect magnetic fields.

The researchers caution that the results suggest this human protein has the capability to work as a magnetosensor; however, whether or not humans use it in that way is not known.

“It poses the question, ‘maybe we should rethink about this sixth sense,'” Steven Reppert, of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, told LiveScience. “It is thought to be very important for how animals migrate. Perhaps this protein is also fulfilling an important function for sensing magnetic fields in humans.”

Hundreds of scientific studies over the last 50 years indicate that humans have many different senses and the notion of only 5 senses is completely false. These books can be recommended: Deciphering the Senses: The Expanding World of Human Perception & Sensation and Perception: An Integrated Approach. Studies have now got to the stage where scientists admit that so many people are developing new senses that they should not be defined as extra-sensory. Neuroscientists have defined 63 different types of synaesthsia that are based on a fusion of senses creating a new way of perceiving the world. Electrohypersensitives complain that they can see electric and magnetic fields and they think this is a medical disorder, but at the end of the day they are only perceiving more of our reality that most humans have not been able to perceive well. Since I have seen into other dimensions on many occasions, from my perspective, I believe that I have just glimpsed into more of what is actually around me, but as evolutionary changes accelerate, many humans will realise there is more to our reality than has previously met the eye.

(Quoted from )

Can you imagine being one of these senses ?

“Hello, operator !? Look I’m doing a good job down here but you are ignoring everything I’m sending you. Why ? This is important information you know”

I wonder could the so called “voices” be parts of our system trying to get through to us numb skulls, numbed by decades of advertising and marketing ?

I saw this with my HDR (high dynamic range) imaging that I recently got into. After grasping this concept and doing a little processing on the images I had a major epiphany. I realised that I was throwing out half my visual sense ! I can now see in a much wider range. It looks like I’d been taught to see my eye simply as a camera lens and had identified with that in some way even to the extent of psychologically modifying what I was seeing. There would also appear to be some quantum elements to vision. We are not machines. One need only look at some Physics interpretations of light to see that. It would appear that we are capable of becoming “one” with the object we are looking at. We don’t simply “look” at a Sunset, we are part of it.

This leads me on to the types of resistance occurring within ourselves as an organism. It’s like WE have become little models of the evil regime, or the evil empire. I have long thought this. Why can’t it be tracked down ? Is it just “out there” in “evil bankers and politicians”. However many of those we vote out, well,  it just comes back. No, “it” is walking around right here. “It” is you and me ladies and gentlemen. So when you see those pictures of protesters in the TV … imagine the protesting and resistance going on in YOU. What is the little regime of YOUR mind suppressing in there ? Are you sure you really know who YOU are ?


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