The Shift That No One Noticed

So this is a bit weird. Here I am. Party to this massive shift. In the know, so to speak. But most people around me were expecting a flash of light, or the second coming, or fleets of Mayan UFO’s landing on the White House lawn. Of course they would expect that and then discount this entire show as a “non event” … “go back to your delusions fucking woo woo wierdos” or something to that effect.

Guys. Really ! You are missing the party here. You have been taught that consciousness and emotions and YOU are separate from everything to I guess this should not be such a surprise here that you miss it all.

The Drug War. We are seeing a massive shift in attitudes here. For example …

Drug death ‘capital’ Brighton to put treatment ahead of punishment | Society |

I was almost killed in this war in 1976 when I was drugged by the biggest drug dealing bastards iof all time … the pharmaceutical companies. Then my Mother was shuffled off this mortal coil in the early 90’s due to her mistreatment of her health by a system that had already suppressed any safe, working treatments in favour of it’s nasty little chemicals. Then my Brother, going down in flames after his Mother’s death turned to drugs. Of course he was automatically criminalised. He should have been identified as a drug misuser and offered help, but in the drug war as it was then, people in trauma who simply turn to drugs for some relent from the daily agony were … re-traumatised.


Call it the Drug War. Call it the Pharma Wars. If you want to get all cosmic call it the Orion Wars and know how an Orion Syndicate has been trying to enslave mankind …

PLANETARY INVASION FORCE: A Reason for Ecstasy? Extraterrestrial History of DNA – A Summary

… partly through the spread of these drugs and chemicals that are a replacement for true bliss and ecstasy (yes even the name of the rave drug gives the game away a little) that not only damage the individual but the very web of life itself. You see, we’re back to the so called “separate” individual again. Millions of human drug abusers creates a disruption in consciousness because matter and the Universe is made of the stuff.

However, this is changing as we move out from around a 500 year period into what the Maya call the Fifth Age. The age if electrical plasma (the stuff of the Universe), Mind and Consciousness. This is reflected in various changes going on with the Sun and our Galactic environment. I don’t really expect anyone bought up in this very weird modern mind set – a cult – to actually get this just yet. You won’t do. You’re too tied up in what you call “the self” to see beyond the artificial barriers that have been erected around you. You’ve been taught that Psi is pseudo-science. You’ve been taught that the wisdom of the Ancients is superstition.

So the shift goes on around us, unrecognised. Undocumented. Because it’s happening in areas deemed to be non-existent by modern, closeted, reductionist materialism.


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