Slaves That Free Their Enslavers

Listening to Public Enemy, the most famous Hip Hop/Rap band ever ! After all these years they remind me of the the Jaffa in Star Gate SG-1. All these years I listened to Public Enemy when I was younger, digging the music, too ignorant to really understand what they were rapping about … or was I ? Something was seeping in there. Directed not just at their black brothers but at young white children … also born into slavery. The slavery imposed upon them by the same slave masters that enslaved the black race all those years ago (yes and the black slave traders, slavery apologists). Something in me eventually cried out. Challenged the slavery. The little plan you had ready for me .. enslavement to your global corporations. The 9 to 5 job, the wife and the kids. Fuck that ! Just as portrayed in Star Gate, the human race has been enslaved … “freedom is a road seldom travelled by the majority”. That’s why practising Psi can lead to persecution by enslavers … because it can be used to liberate. That’s why challenging abuse has a nasty sting in the tail. Revealing the huge levels of abuse that enslave millions might let the cat out the back. Truth’s out. The human race has had enough. Enough is enough, and wants to take its rightful place in a cosmos without violation or interference from various galactic races and entities. Just as in earthly temporal life, if enough people stand up and say “no! … I want to be free!” then forces turn up to help. Sometimes it seems endless and no-one seems to be out there. But we live in an alive universe, and revolt is mysterious when it can lead to slaves freeing their masters.

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