If It’s a “Theory” of Planetary Formation Then Where Are The Other Theories ?

( Image source )

You may agree or disagree with the above image – a theory of planetary formation – but that’s not the point. At least it is another theory ! Look at the way the Science of planetary formation is taught. I don’t know about you but I have this fixed process in my mind to do with “accretion disks” of dust and so forth, that eventually forms into planets. This is presented as “a theory”. If this is so, THEN WHERE ARE ALL THE OTHER THEORIES ?!

This “theory of … <insert “mainstream” scientific view here>” is actually fallacious. In our “theory” of planetary formation, it’s a not a theory at all. In fact it’s a case of  “you will accept this version … or else”. In fact we are being meticulously and carefully controlled even to the point where any “alternative” theory (all theories are equally valid in a way so how can there be an “alternative” to an unproven theory?) appears exotic or bizarre. This has nothing to do with the content of the theory. It is simply the case that we are presented with an incredibly narrow bandwidth of information from birth. The assumption is that most people “can’t cope” with the first class information that only trained and “responsible” bright lights of our society can deal with. The situation is the one described by Umberto Eco in the book The Name of the Rose. It’s a case of corrupt authorities keeping back vital information in their libraries that only they can look at. The suggestion being that only sacred eye’s can look upon on it. The eye’s of the rest of us are profane … secular. Unworthy to gaze on the real jewels.

The same thing is going on, not just in Cosmology, but in Physics, Economics, Sociology and many other fields. There are people battling away to get much needed discoveries and information out there. I, for one, have faith in my fellow human beings. I think they are quite capable of handling all sorts of things that even they might not know that they can handle. The next few decades are going to get really interesting, because there is a cosmological change going on that is changing the conditions that created this mess over 5000 years ago (Dominator Culture). Now we are moving into a different phase. The very stuff that creates what we call consciousness – the Universe itself, or at least the local Galactic environment, is changing, and that effects everything from Pigs to dyed in the wool reductionists who think they are separate from everything.


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