Well done to LucasArts for Force Unleashed II

Took me a while to get back to playing this. It definitely rewards a little effort in learning the moves and so forth. Here is a gallery.

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What a game ! Don’t tell anyone but this is actually a full size movie release by LucasArts. I can see where this is heading. The story and vivid imagery are coming to be just like the prequel movies. It won’t be long until we’re all flying around in the big space battle at the start of those prequels with the graphics looking just as good and the scale as well. It’s getting pretty close to the films ! The character animation is top notch. The destruction is fine grained and details like cloth effects really stand out to my video game analysis eye. Of course it’s done so well that it all just becomes “real” to the player. There’s some impressive set pieces. At one point Starkiller falls to the planet surface with a huge ship. I was left literally gasping ! This is what a game engine is for ! Time and time again the designers here really use the technology. The entire look of this and the functionality puts games like Crysis 2 to shame. It’s a pure pleasure to play. And fun ! FUN ! The control system takes it inspiration from old classics like Mortal Kombat. There’s also some response time testing of the player with simple key sequences to follow when finishing off an enemy. But this is well balanced out with more complex and difficult game play.

The environments are beautiful. I found myself just hanging around a lot of the time picking up the Star Wars atmosphere. Sounds, music and all the rest of it. I noticed the video sequences are blended precisely into actual game play in many sequences. I notice that this is Something that Crytek fail to do properly in their recent games. The film sequences shown to build the story are high quality as well with good dialogue and character development. I wish LucasArts would produce an entire film like this ! Are they planning to ? Or am I right about video games now being used to replace entire movie releases ? This was a combined release with comic book, novel and other elements. Hmmm, makes me winder what Lucas is up to.

I made a chart of all the sabre moves as this is not displayed all in one place.

So, well done to LucasArts and everyone that made this game ! Keep em’ coming !



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