Galactic Spring

Just as the seasons on Earth are caused by our movement around the Sun, so our Galactic seasons are caused by the Sun’s movement around the Galactic Sun or core. There are reports of us moving into a more highly charged area of the Galaxy. This is a larger level of electrical charge being transmitted to the Sun just as there is more sun in Summer on Earth. This is Galactic Spring. Little shoots of Galactic change are pushing up through the Earth. Shoots of a Partnership Society and expressions of Partnership Society technology based on safe, clean natural principles for energy generation and crop growth.

Sources: Tuning the Diamonds, Susan Rennison. Mayan Science / Religion, Hunbatz Men. The Chalice and the Blade, Riane Eisler, The Conscious Universe, Dean Radin. Conscious Acts of Creation, Tiller, Dibble, Kohane. Implosion Group, Dan Winter, et al. – Conference and Scientists Summit: Calgary.

Breakthru-Technologies.comConference and Scientists Summit: Calgary

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