Dominator Society and Commercial Forces using Post Abuse Functional Neural Syndrome to Maniplulate and Destroy

Another one of my killer headlines I’m afraid. No I’m not looking for a job at NewsCorp.

OK, here is a call to you people out there. Send me any research you have on this, or support, kind words, anything !

What’s this about ? I’m researching an article or possibly a book about the way decades of research into the health problems that abuse victims have is being used to manipulate and destroy. You can look yourselves. Look up Functional Neurology, or Functional Neurological Symptoms, or even Functional Seizures. Then compare with the definition of “Schizophrenia”. You also might notice the research out there on the figures for how many people abused from early childhood become participants in the (so called) “Mental Health System”.

What has happened is that the problem here is actually well documented. High levels of abuse, especially from early childhood, creates these “Functional” neural symptoms (think of someone temporarily losing their sight or hearing after a very large shock, to give an extreme example). These manifest in seizures or serious forms of body tension … so tense that simply living day to day can be very difficult. Vision and hearing can become impaired. Perception becomes “masked” by these Functional symptoms (meaning there is no detected organic cause such as a brain tumour for example). This can drive someone very crazy ! Try thinking through a simple problem, or just socialising in this state. But the condition is actually well known and there are ways to treat it (don’t use any pharmaceuticals as these are known to make the condition worse, only natural treatments!). The first step for the sufferer is to identify that they are actually suffering from it then it all starts making sense.

The issue here is that the research on this is being used – not to help people – but to manipulate and destroy them. It’s very simple really … the usual lucrative business contracts, greed, power and war. Dominator Society (Eisler). This manifests itself perfectly in the so called “Mental Health System” which is full of people in this state being told that they suffer from “Disorders”. There’s only one legitimate use of that word and that’s in Criminal Law … such as “a violent Disorder”. As always the perpetrators describe themselves perfectly with their own terms. They violently disfranchise and misrepresent those who can be helped with a few simple approaches. Trauma and large amounts of pain can cause the “conversion” of that pain into physical symptoms, from back pain to unusual mental phenomena. These are not delusions as I have found out. It is well documented what they are but a corrupt 5000 years old system has a vested interest in covering up the levels of abuse in our society and mislabelling it.

I will endeavour to put up the research I have gathered, here on this blog, over the next few months, but I need help and researchers.

EDIT: Another case in point. So called people with “mental illness” report that “thoughts are being inserted into their heads” and appear to become confused as to what is their mind and what is another persons’ mind or thoughts. This is covered in The Scientific Lessons of Interrogation by Alexander Kennedy. He shows how specific techniques can be used to blur the line between the prisoner and the interrogator. The interrogator appears to be in the prisoners thoughts and know his most intimate desires and thoughts. This achieved basically through a method of mistreatment and has strong similarities with what happens between an abuser and a victim in any physical, emotional or sexual abuse. It also happens between a “mental health patient” and their “carer” because the “carer” becomes a confidant to the already vulnerable “patient”. This is the point where “voices” become integrated into the mind of the victim. There is no longer a clear delineation between what is inside and outside the realm of the personality. So through the power if suggestion the “care” or hold of an abuser over their victim becomes programming of behaviour.


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