Revolt ! Misbehave !

(Disclaimer: Peaceful resistance is implied by default to anyone with half a brain cell. Everyone else … any kind of violence, property damager, or brutality, I don’t want to know !)

I just woke up from an unending dream. A nightmare. For 7 years I forgot … who am I ? I forgot what I was doing. But now I remember.

From 2001 to 2003 I carried out maybe the ultimate revolutionary act that any individual can take. I started to liberate myself from decades of abuse by an abuser in my family and the surrounding system that supports abusers like him. They couldn’t believe it. Why would their sweet little boy and perfect citizen resist against them ? Why was he changing into something … something more human. He must have gone mad, insane ! He must be drugged … DESTROYED. He almost was, and spent the next 7 years in a daze. Feeling like he’d failed in some way. That I was a piece of shit. That I should kill myself “for the greater good”. But now he remembers what he was doing.

Revolt ! Misbehave ! You controlled little children … walking around as adults. You deserve better than this little mall / shopping paradise that we live in. There are vast cosmic riches out there, and in us. Don’t listen to those who sold out everything that they are in order to become slaves to a commercial system and a system based on brutality and violence … while they mouth empty words about peace and prosperity.

To anyone who knew me before 2003, well, they really fucked me up for the simple crime of identifying injustices carried out against me by an abuser. In their total brutality of their “mental health system” they showed themselves for what they are. This that they do to people in this “free democracy”. They brutalise them just as badly as any Libyan regime. They make you forget. They make you forget that you were doing something extraordinary. finally taking back your life from the fake life that was rammed down your throat. Finally being born into life after a decades long hiatus. That’s how far from reality that they drag people … until they believe that a pale shadow of life is life. That’s why it terrifies them when you boldly shout out … NO ! This is life ! … And take hold of all those things that they brainwashed out of you. Clairvoyant phenomena. The Ancients who were in contact with the Galactic community (Face on Mars, et al). Natural treatments that cure Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes and thousands of other diseases without expensive, killer pharmaceuticals. Energy medicine treatments that can restore your consciousness after it was stolen …. by them (Winter,, Implosion Group, et al).

I was gone for 7 years, 7 years ! But I never left that little Anarchist bookshop that I was protesting from. I was always protesting by healing what they did to me for those 7 years … even if I could not remember why. You see they have to characterise those who discover the truth as “mentally ill” so all the sell outs who believe the mental health lies can perpetuate this little plan. There is no resistance ! Everyone is happy !

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