Black Dragon / Bad Energy & Geopolitics

Earth Grid Sacred Geometry

After reading my John Michell I was thinking about how some people appear to be. Some appear to be disorganised, but are actually far more in command of things than even they might admit. Conversely those that appear to be hyper organised and “successful” are often the one’s that are most fucked up. They may be taking Cocaine or other street drugs to “maintain control” or they will be feeding themselves various pharmaceuticals (on which many street drugs are based) and reading “peer reviewed journals” … their peers being the global corporations who are known to hire ghost writers and manipulate said journals.

Those who some might nastily call “disorganised”, or “a mess” are often more chaotic … in the mathematical sense as well. There is literally a method to their “madness”. Order comes unexpectedly and often inexplicably (to those ignorant of Chaos Mathematics) out of so called “disorder”. Notice the opposites here. Those who appear to be “in a mess” are actually vastly more “in control” (if that’s the word, it’s more like “go with the flow”) than those control freaks who must direct everyone and everything to their grand master plan. Those one’s who many worship as “having it all” … money, power, women (or boyfriends), media attention or whatever modern currency of worship, are often in a kind of perverse position. This is bad energy. Chinese Feng Shui misapplied (if at all). The forces of the Electric Universe are not being applied properly or even being allowed to flow. And yes they are measurable using various devices (if you care to look). Our Physics understand these forces far more than many are willing to let on, regardless of large hadron collides and such like..

This extend to a global, geopolitical level. I’m sure life was not perfect for the Ancients, but they had a grasp of how to maintain peace by using proper geoengineering and geophysics, and geomancy. The Earth was once teeming with cultures sharing this kind of information and applying it so that the Electric Universe energies (as are received from the Sun and the Galaxy) are properly balanced and allowed to flow. Sadly this system has been allowed to lapse. It is a credit to the original builders (and current practitioners) that some of that system still remains (Pyramids, Ley lines and so forth) and it is one of the reasons that we are still here. Consciousness is held together by it. Living on Planet Earth is an active two way process. The lapse of that system is one of the major reasons that we have had 5000 years of awful wars and horrors (Eisler) – bad energy / Black Dragon flows, ie. sick or diseased energy flows. This is what is hiding behind peace making in global geopolitics. If we can get this missing – or unidentified – element into the equation then we will make a lot more progress towards creating world peace.


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