The Future: Staying Above the Speed of Light

Staying above the speed of light means becoming aware of the conscious universe (Radin). Clairvoyance, Psychism, and action at a distance proves that the physics is not constrained by light speed limits. This has some applications for new space propulsion systems. Golden Mean / Phi / Implosion Science can provide a SAFE natural solution that is not damaging to either Earth or Galactic ecology. But there’s a qualifier here. There is a very good reason that the Vulcans as depicted in Star Trek don’t contact cultures that have not developed Warp Drive and gone beyond Warp One. Developing this technology involves solving an entire host of problems – HOLISTIC transformation. The problems involve solving all sorts of emotional, spiritual, cultural, political, personal and ethical/moral problems at many different levels. This is due to the colour / frequency / energy body / Soul / DNA insights that the development brings up (as can be seen on To contact a culture PRE Warp One achievement could be dangerous and (classically) to the Vulcans in Star Trek “not interesting”. Maybe they just cannot be understood by pre warp cultures ?

This is why the development of Warp Drive / Star Drive does not and possibly cannot come through unless the entire culture changes. It’s not a case of “just building” the ship or “just” engineering it because it’s such a radically profound technology. There are MANY clues in these issues about how to achieve doing this without becoming frustrated and giving up. the development DEPENDS on surrounding culture and society and happens in a Holistic circle.

Much depends on staying above the speed of light by breaking all the rules of conventional physics and laws that separate consciousness and the universe.


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