Congratulations to the Libyan People

You have inspired me more than I can say. I am extremely humbled by the acts of so many ordinary, but extraordinary people. You have restored my faith in a humanity that I thought had been cowed. I thought my fellow human beings had become perversely used to being oppressed. Even treating that state as “normality”. I am so glad that what once seemed like a tide of pessimism in the world did not win. The simple act of resistance in the face of powers that say “there is none” has shown how the human spirit can overcome so many obstacles. It is truly so that good men “only need do nothing” for evil to triumph. The world is waking up to it’s inaction in the face of inexcusable abuses. I don’t think it is any coincidence that Egypt and now Libya are in the area of the Pyramids. They are there for a reason. Built when we knew that the Earth was alive. Raised on the Solar Plexus chakra area of the Earth itself – the Earth Grid. As the new energies pour in from space as the Space Weather increases, consciousness is changing in the Earth and us. I’m not saying that the Libyans or others would not have managed this anyway. Indeed, what came first the chicken of Space Weather or the Egg of resistance, revolution and common human decency ? We live in challenging and mysterious times. But the ancients do cry out to us, to those who have ears to hear. Their Science knew that the terrible period we have just been through was going to happen. They put mechanism in place to remind the world – now – of our true heritage and the promise of our potential yet to come. Don’t just believe it. Know it.


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